Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quick E-mail

My time is short today because I had to do this survey thing for the mission, so I don't know how long I will have to type. 
This week we were able to get our feet under us once again. I have truly been learning the importance of obeying with exactness, the best that you can, and that it brings peace and miracles. The first week here I struggled getting into a schedule and routine, especially living with 3 other missionaries. I had started to feel a bit off by the end of the week, and I knew it was because my obedience was lacking. So as soon as I realized that, I talked to Sister Z and she and I agreed to work extra hard to get back into an obedient schedule since we were finally getting our feet on the ground. So this week has been a lot better. I am so blessed with a great companion who is teaching me so much. We both cover the areas where the other person falls short. It is neat to see why the Lord puts us with the companions we have. Sister Z and I have a lot of fun while we are working. Let me tell you though, missionaries have allll sorts of fun awkward moments. Good thing I am the queen of accepting awkwardness and making it normal. 
Let me just tell you, some of my favorite parts about being a missionary, is visiting those who are struggling and supporting those who are having tough times. I can truly feel our Savior's love for the people around me. Everyone is so unique and different. Here in Rawlins there is such a variety of people and many struggle with word of wisdom problems, because of how many bars are here. 
This week we were able to set up a ton of appointments for this coming week. We even met a few families. One family we met because we saw them moving some stuff out of their house. I just felt like we should talk to them and I'm learning to not push those feelings away. Just DO IT!! haha. So we went up and started talking to them. The lady didn't speak any english, but her ex-husband translated for us and she said she would love us to come back and bring someone who spoke spanish with us. I wish I spoke spanish a bit better! We also have knocked some doors with people who speak spanish and that has been tough to try to communicate. But we have a couple families in the ward that speak spanish. 
This week the Lord has been letting me know, little by little why I am here in Rawlins. I am sure more reasons will come up but there are so many random connections I have with people here. People that went to Western the same time as me, families of friends of mine that got baptized, families that know the same people that I do in GR. It is great to be able to relate to some many people, and Wyoming people tend to click well with "their own people". Haha. So it's been a good week. Also some hard days. We have been trying to figure out the best route to go to do the Lord's work
. Some days we knocked door after door of Less-actives and former investigators and NO one answered. But the Lord always provides miracles in some way. Like, one day the weather was really bad and it was raining/hailing off and on, but everytime we went to get out of the car or leave a porch, the rain would stop for a little bit and then start right back up again when we got to the next porch or the car. So great. We also, yesterday, had some random man and his son stop and help us shovel snow from our walkway. He wasn't a member just a random man driving around with his son and they stopped to help. 
We are getting more involved with the youth here, really helping them to do their missionary work. We are also trying to get more involved with the community by finding service opportunities. At the museum, the old folks home, the animal shelter, the penitentiary, the downtown district restoration, just so we can get out there and meet new people, find new people, soften hearts. It works! Get involved in your community! Sister Z and I also got to do singing time for primary this Sunday for Mother's Day. It was so much fun! And we are singing in church next Sunday as well. I really love the ward here and the people we work with. My time is running short. Keep praying for us to find new investigators and that we will be prepared to teach them when we do find them. I know prayers work. My time is almost up! I love you allllll!
Love,Sister Karissa Young
P.S- I promise I will write more next week. 
Fun Companion Jumping Picture!

The Wilderness District!

Us eating breakfast together on P-Day

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