Monday, August 25, 2014

Highs and Lows

Hello All!! 

Another week in Rawlins has passed! This week was probably the hardest one this transfer, which wasn't even that bad but it wasn't as great as the rest of our weeks this transfer. Interesting how each transfer brings a different set of trials.  One neat thing I have really come to know is how much service and missionary work can help you get through your trials and hard times. That and prayer really are what keep me going. It's just interesting how when I have a hard time happen or a trial I just automatically think, as soon as I get to work, it will all melt away and get better. And guess what? It works! It doesn't work all at once, but as I keep pressing forward in doing the work, by the end of the day, I have stopped worrying about my silly trials and really look at how to help others. It's a neat concept. Now I just hope I will be able to apply that principle I have learned to life when I get back home. 
So, enough about me, let me tell you about our investigators here. 
Adrianne-We taught her once this week before she leaves for her vacation for a couple weeks. We taught her about tithing and guess what? She told us that she had gotten some money in the mail last week and she knew it was a blessing from God and her very first thought was, "Now, I can pay tithing on this!" She was already wanting to pay tithing before we even officially taught her about it. We organized her baptismal program and she is excited. It is on Sept. 20th. I don't know if I will see her again or get to be here for her baptism. We find out this coming Saturday about transfers, so I really have no idea. I hope I get to stay for at least one more transfer.
Bonnie-We taught Bonnie the Plan of Salvation this week at the Campbell's house. It is so great teaching in member's homes and having them there participating in the lesson. She just loves everything that she is learning and is so ready to move forward. She is working on quitting smoking and drinking coffee right now, so keep her in your prayers. She has set a baptismal date for Sept. 27th. 
Galilea- She is 11 years old and is part of the spanish speaking family that are members but Less Active. She is working towards her baptismal date on Sept. 13th. And guess what?! She came to church for the first time yesterday!!! With her older Sister Yasmine. It was so exciting to have them there. We have been working with them for a long time now. They both seemed to enjoy it even though they need to get used to the 3 hours of church. haha. 
Claudia- Remember Claudia? Well we were finally able to get a hold of her again this week! She actually just got  married to her boyfriend a week or 2 ago and is super excited to start learning again now that she is a bit more settled. We set up another time to teach her this week and really invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and to begin reading it. The Book of Mormon is really the key to gaining a testimony. It is amazing the power that the Book of Mormon has.

There were a few other great lessons this week too with investigators but there is a brief update of some of our top progressing investigators. But I'll share a few other neat experiences and stories of the week. Early this week we had an interesting day. We ended up talking to some Chinese boys on the street, it was a bit tricky to communicate but we managed to understand each other a bit. We showed them a pamphlet and then they realized what we were talking about. One said that he has a Book of Mormon in Chinese. Neat right? So we got their address and might go try to teach them sometime. Even though...I don't speak Chinese! Goodness, there are such a wide variety of people that I have talked to here. Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Taiwanese, who would have thought here in little Rawlins, I would have such a cultural experience:). That same day, we tried to visit a Less Active and they weren't home but I had the impression to go and try other apartment upstairs of another Less active we had tried multiple times in previous transfers with no luck. So we did and a couple answered the door and we began talking. They aren't super religious but they have 4 adorable kids and want to go to a church. But the last one they went to the preacher told them to get out when their kids were making noise. We told them that they didn't need to worry about that at our church. haha. Told them about how family centered we are and how their family can be strengthened as they base it on Jesus Christ. They were interested and gave us a time to come back this week. Then he referred us to his brother. So we will see what happens. 
Another neat experience happened last night. We do service every week at the museum and there is a super neat lady that works there. We actually saw her outside one day in Sinclair while we were there, last transfer, and talked to her for a while. But last night we were in Sinclair, after having a wonderful dinner with the Taylor family, love their family, and we felt like we should go visit her. We went over and got to talking and she ended up really opening up to us and telling us some things that had happened that had caused her to loose her faith. We just listened for a while and then told her about the message that we bring and teach and how it can help her build that faith again and give her the peace that she has been looking for. She said she was totally open to learning more and we  set up a time for this coming week. Such a neat experience for her to open up like that and for it to be the perfect timing. 
Another story of the week, so we stopped by a Less-active's house, this man's records have been lost for years and years and he finally decided that it was time to come back to church. We asked how his prayers have been going and then gave him a Book of Mormon. I read him Helaman 5:12, and then we left him with 3 Nephi 11 to read to get him started. We left and not even half an hour later he called and left a message on our phone. "Hey! I read 3 Nephi 11. That was pretty powerful. Thanks for leaving it with me." (In his country accent.) That was it. Haha. It was great that he already read it and felt the spirit. He was at church this week too.
On Saturday, we felt like we needed to set up a visit with a family that live 45 miles outside of town. That is how big our area is. Ha. So we called them to see if we could come over and they asked if we had dinner plans, which weirdly enough, our dinner had cancelled, so we said no. They invited us for dinner and then gave us directions to get there. They weren't normal directions though. They were directions like. "Pass by the Boat Club sign, turn right after a couple miles at the house mail box, past the stone barn and house, then we are the one with the green roof. If you reach the end of the pavement, you've gone to far!" Haha. So we traveled out there and had a wonderful dinner with them. They are a real cowboy family. He works at the ranch out there and they don't come into town much, just for church on Sunday. They are such a neat family though with super strong testimonies. It is neat to see how everyone can build the kingdom of God in their own way and area that they live. They are the only members out of everyone that works at the ranch but they have already made a huge impact on all the workers there. Their examples are great and they have had many missionary opportunities even in the middle of nowhere. It was a great evening with them. Then on the way home, there was a sand dune right off the road, so Sister Johnson and I took a quick run up the hill and rolled all the way down! It was so much fun:) We were just in the middle of nowhere rolling down a sand dune! I love Wyoming. 

Well, I've created another novel. Sorry it is so long. I know I told some people that I wouldn't write super long letters but I manage to write them long every time. Like I said, we find out about transfers this Saturday. I am really hoping to stay to be able to be here for the baptisms in September and continue teaching some of these amazing people but the Lord knows best, so we will see what happens.
Thank you for all your prayers and support! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Young

P.S.-My address is still the same and will be whether I transfer or not:) It is
Sister Karissa Young
Colorado Fort Collins Mission
5285 McWhinney Blvd. Suite 100
Loveland, CO 80538

Adrianne with her cute baby:)

Us after the Sand dunes.  You can't really tell. hah

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Power to be Pure

August 18, 2014

What a week in Rawlins, Wyoming. It's been a good one. I still am getting along really well with Sister Johnson. We have a lot of fun together and we set high goals and we are able to work hard to accomplish them. It's nice to have a companion that wants to try her best to be obedient too. We just love Rawlins! We were talking the other day about how this transfer of our missions has been the first time that we have felt the good times outweighing the bad/hard times. They haven't gone away, but we are just really enjoying the work right now. The week is a bit of a blur right now but I will try to recall some of our highlights to share this week:) 

First off, we were able to set the Gonzales girl with a baptismal date!!! September 6th! Except...she didn't make it to church this week, so we have to move it to the next Saturday. We just really need to help her see the importance of church attendance. 
Also, there is another lady this week who a member works with and they invited her over for dinner when we went. The lady is so ready!! She has been searching for a church where God still speaks to us today and  to a prophet. We are going to set her with a date this week. She came to church on Sunday and loved it!! She was taking notes and everything! 
Another neat thing that happened this week, we had a Fireside yesterday. It was kind of short notice. The bishop planned it in the other ward and then we tried to get the word out fast. That is when I wished I could use my publicity skills. All the time I wish that on my mission....but such is life:) So, anyway, we invited everyone we could think of. It was a fireside centered on Families. Remember the family that we helped move in a couple weeks ago? They aren't members but they are super neat people. The night before, they popped into my head to invite. So we stopped by and invited them and then called the member that is friends with them and asked them to invite them too. It was great!! And guess what? They came! It was so exciting to see them walk into the church building with their 3 kids. The fireside consisted of the 4 of us missionaries each taking a section. We talked about basing your family foundation on Jesus Christ, and 3 main ways to do that are by family prayer, scripture study, and service. I talked on Family Scripture Study and used a lot of examples from my family. It was neat. We were so happy to see the family there! It will be so neat when they are ready to learn more about the gospel. The time is coming soon!

Another neat experience this week was with some member present lessons we were able to have. I sent a picture of Elvis a few weeks ago I think. Well, this week we took a member with us who we thought might click with him. This member is awesome! He has had to overcome all sorts of struggles and he is not your typical LDS man, and he will be the first to tell you that. He has tattoos all over his arms, he is a rough, tough, loud man, but his testimony is powerful! He was exactly who we needed to come with us to this lesson with Elvis. He bore his testimony and shared a lot about his experience in coming to the church and how it has changed his life. Elvis and his girlfriend were both very touched by it and they want to move forward in learning. It might be a bit of a process but it is neat to see how their hearts changed by the end of the lesson that night. We invited them over to the members house the next day to have a lesson, and they accepted but then didn't show up. But we are going to keep with them:) 
I am reading a great book right now called, The Power of Everyday Missionaries, the mission President approved for us to read. It really is motivating and helps members get involved with missionary work more. Take a look at it is you want. One quote that I loved this week is,"Sharing the gospel doesn't just require that we have the power of God unto the convincing of men, it GIVES us this power." Also, it promises that missionary work will help you overcome addictions, sorrows, guilt, and give us the strength to keep God's laws. "It doesn't just demand our purity, it will help us be pure."

I've just continued to be amazed at the miracles that Heavenly Father is letting us be a part of. There have been days when I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude to see the work here progressing. I'm so tired though. I have officially been out for 7 months this coming week. Crazy right? I have less than a year left. Time flies. But stands still too. Haha. There are so many other things that happened this week, but I just can't remember them right now. I will fill you in on more next week ok? Just know that great things are happening here in Rawlins. I will miss it when I leave but I feel myself slowly being prepared for the time when I do need to leave. It will be hard, but it will be time. Life is full of changes and moving on. 
I love you all!!!! 
Sister Young

P.S.-Edna Sunburg, the sweet older lady we used to visit every week, just passed away this week end. I feel very blessed to have known her in the last few months of her life. She taught me a lot. 

In front of Rawlins Church Building

Martin's Cove - DeNae in between Sister Johnson & I

Martin's Cove - Elders in our District

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Love Being a Missionary!

August 11, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

This week I truly can say without any hesitation that I LOVE being a missionary. This has been the best week of my mission so far. It was filled with miracles, hard work, joy, some disappointments but tons of fun on top of it all. I really cannot even express my joy this week for being a missionary, which is good. The miracles of all the hard work are coming. The field really is white and already to harvest. We reap what we sow and I am seeing the reaping of the blessings happening. I knows times might get hard again soon, but for now I will relish the joy and how much I love being a missionary. 

First off, Adrianne has a baptismal date!!! We went over last night and taught her and she asked us if we had been praying to know another date, we said we had and then asked if she had. And she got really excited and said, "Yes! But it might be too soon. I have been feeling like September 20th." Which is perfect! We had been feeling like that weekend or the next one too. So she will be baptized the week after she gets home from her vacation. She said that she is doing it whether or not her husband decides to be there. He is not too into religion and she doesn't know if he will be there. But some day his heart will be softened. She is so ready! I feel so blessed to be part of this process of helping her come unto Christ. He had already prepared her, it was just a matter of "harvesting" the white field. Doctrine and Covenants 4: 4 For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;

Remember how we said we have been working hard to involve members more? The Lord is providing so many opportunities for us to be able to do that! The members are getting super excited and the receive so many blessing by coming out with us to help us. We had a sister this week who came with us and after, she just thanked us for calling her because going out and doing missionary work really lifts a burden off of her shoulders. She loves the uplifting feeling she gets by serving with us. She really opened up to us. We are seeing that with all the members that we are involving. They receive so many blessings in return. Everyone is blessed by missionary work and miracles really DO happen as members and missionaries work together. I have a strong testimony of that. The work is booming here and it is because the members and missionaries are working together. So neat to see. 

We had a couple really random, only in Wyoming experiences, this week.:) I won't share them all...but I'll share a few. I don't know if I ever told you about the man that we met at Music in the Park? His name is Elvis. He is African American. When we met him at the park he was drunk and took a lot of pamphlets and a Book of Mormon, and gave us his address. We talked to a member who knew him because he grew up with him and said that he really just needed some direction in life and he is a really great man. So this week we took a member with us and went to visit him. It was a miracle that he was home and that he was in a good state of mind. ha. We taught him the Restoration and he understood it quite well and said we could keep coming by. We tried again later this week and found him once again drunk but this time he was dressed like a cowboy. We still talked to him outside and said we would try again next week to stop by. 

Do you all remember the G family? It's been a while since I have talked about them. Well this week we got all of the older kids at home. The family is Less Active and doesn't have records here but their youngest daughter is not baptized. We taught them that night and showed Galilea how to work the scriptures on her phone. She got really excited to be able to read them on her phone. Then we asked if we could come back and set up a time. Which, is tricky because they usually set times and they aren't there. But we came and they were there and guess what?! They had actually started reading the Book of Mormon and read the whole pamphlet! That was amazing. They haven't showed much interest until now. They said that they had both felt really calm while they read and had been praying before they read and after as well. Galilea said that she wanted to be baptized! So we will continue working with them. They seem a lot more serious about it now and more committed. Everyone has their own timing. 

Another neat thing. LAst week I talked about contacting the Martin's Cove referral right? Anna? Well we have been wanting to contact Lucy, her sister, because her sister said that she is really interested and she speaks English more than the rest of them. So we felt prompted this week to stop by and then happened to run into Sister Clyde in the trailer park, and asked her to come with us. We went and Lucy was home!! We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and read her the promise given. She said, "I want that promise." Then she just held the pamphlet and Book of Mormon to her heart and got really emotional. It is so neat to see her joy and want to learn more. It might be more tricky with her crazy work schedule and the fact that every time we stop by there is someone new that we meet at the house:) But in the Lord's timing it will work out. 

We also had Zone Meeting this week in Laramie along with interviews with President. The Zone Meeting was one of the most spiritual meetings I have been a part of on my mission. It was nice to be able to be spiritually recharged to go out and do the work. One thing that really stuck out to me and hit me hard was something that our zone leader Elder Ascheris said. He said, "We need to base our self-worth off of correct principles. If we base it off of inconsistent things such as our career, friends, family, talents, etc. then we will never be happy. Base your self-worth on the Atonement and love of our Savior."

Such a powerful quote. The atonement is the only consistent thing that we can rely on. We can be truly happy as we base our self-worth off of the love of our Savior and His Atonement. 

Also, some sad news. President Brown said that sisters will not be in Rawlins for very much longer. I don't know when it will be, but I could be out of here soon, which breaks my heart. I'm not ready to leave. I LOVE the work here and the people. I can't even imagine leaving but such is mission life. I also am super bummed that sisters will be leaving Rawlins. There have been so many miracles since sisters have been here. But I know President will follow the spirit to know what needs to happen. 

Working with Sister Johnson has been really fun. We have a good time together and get along well. There are still struggles but the joys outweigh the struggles by far with her. We teach really well together. We use the pamphlets and scriptures a lot and teach as simply as possible. Going in with a plan and teaching equally. It is so great to work with her. 

Thank you all for your prayers, support, love and letters. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 
Sister Young
P.S.-Also the temple prep class was finally started this week!!! YAY!!!

Harley, dressed like a ninja turtle.  Cute boy whose mom that we teach.

Museum that we do service at.

Elvis (investigator) the cowboy.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Espanol!?‏

August 4, 2014

Let me tell you about my week here in Rawlins! I just love Rawlins, and I better stop saying that because that means I will probably get transferred soon since I love it so much. I just can't imagine going any other place now that I have been here. It's just the best place for missionary work. I've seen so many changes since the sisters were put in this area. The ward is now getting so excited to be involved in the work. They are getting better at home and visiting teaching, we are involving members in all of the lessons possible. We had 5 member present lessons this week, which is a record for me on my mission. The members are doing it on their own more now too. They are meeting the investigators on their own, that we bring to church, they are inviting them over for dinners, they are really involving themselves now. IT is amazing!!! 
Remember the lady who came to church last Sunday who asked if we could teach her basically? Well, we taught her twice this week, and we were able to invite Sister Clyde to come with us. Which was a perfect choice. She is amazing! I've talked about Sister Clyde before as being the best member missionary that I have ever met. She is such a great example to me. But both of our lessons went really well, we invited her to be baptized on the first lesson and she said yes and we invited her to pray about a date. She is wanting to wait until her husband is more open about the idea until she gets baptized. But she believes it all and is so intune to the spirit. It is amazing to see how the Lord had prepared her. It really is a testimony to me that WE are not the teachers but the spirit is. 

Also, this week, we got the chance to ride to Laramie with the Clyde's and Erin, the cute lady from Taiwan, to go and see the BYU-I Dance concert. We were able to go as long as we went with Less-active members or investigators. It was such a fun night. It was great to be able to see dance again and remember the power that it can have to bring the spirit if it is done the right way. I miss that. But it was a neat night to spend with Erin there. 

Another random experience this week,(that is one thing about Rawlins, the work is a bit random at times, which I love.) we received a referral from bishop last week for a family but the address and phone number were wrong. Then this week we remembered that phone books exist. haha. So we looked them up and found a number that we thought might be them. Then someone spanish speaking ended up answering the phone and well...I don't speak very good spanish. So I ran to the other room to get Sister Hoer, who can translate a bit better, and she was able to get an address and set up a time to come over that night. So that night we took a lady in the ward who has a Spanish background, over with us to teach a lesson. It was an interesting experience. The sister with us usually is super shy and I haven't heard her speak very much since I have been here but she was able to do most of the teaching that night and bear a strong testimony. We would tell her a few things to say and she would add on and translate. We watched the restoration in spanish with the lady that night. I am so grateful that we have the resources to teach anyone about the gospel. It may need to be done differently with people who you can't fully communicate with but the key is knowing that the universal language is the spirit. The spirit can speak to anyone! We set up another time to come back and left her an El Libro De Mormon and a pamphlet in Spanish. We also have been able to get another lady involved. She just moved to town and hasn't felt very needed. But we invited her to come out with us to translate one day when we went to visit spanish speaking potential investigators and it was super neat. She was so grateful to feel needed. So who would have thought that even though I wasn't called spanish speaking, I would need to know spanish!!! Ah!

One thing that Sister Johnson and I want to do is hand out as many copies of the Book of Mormon as possible this transfer. We call it operation BOM Rawlins. Which sounds kind of scary....but BOM is just Book of Mormons:) One day this week we handed out 6 in one day. Which was super good for us. Sister Johnson and I get along really well. We have fun but we both work really hard and strive to follow the spirit with the work. It is really great! We are seeing neat things happen. 

One night when we were having dinner with a member, they told us about a friend that was moving into town and we offered to help out. They said they would call and let us know. The next day we went over and helped their friends move in. They are such a neat family! None of them are members but he has asked lots of questions to the member family that they are friends with. We moved them in and then gave them our number in case they needed more help. Usually people don't call back if they need help but the next day they called us back to help. So of course we went and helped again. They are awesome! We got to talking and found out more about her religious background and invited her to church. She said she really wanted to next week. There was just a really neat feeling about their family, I am so grateful for service! 

Lots of good things happening here in Rawlins. The work is moving forward! Remember the small and simple things. Reading your scriptures, praying, and going to church. They are key!! Also, don't forget to love. It changes people. I love each of you and I am so grateful for your wonderful examples!!! KEep it up. Stay strong! 
Sister Karissa Young

P.S. This picture is a a thing called Cow Plop...we did service there. People pay money to get a number of a square and them they let cows onto a grid and wherever they plop, that person wins!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Progressing Towards the Temple!

July 28, 2014

So as you all know, I got a new companion this week. Her name is Sister Johnson. She is from California, has curly hair like me, loves essential oils, healthy foods, and is the oldest in her family. It's been pretty great so far. We both really like to make lesson plans for the individuals that we are teaching each day, which is something I have been trying to do with companions for my whole mission! Also, we both really like to just teach simply. Which is key. So we have been able to have some neat lessons this week and be on the same page for those lessons. That has been wonderful. She also seems to want to work hard and is striving to be obedient.  I am really enjoying it so far. I can be myself for the most part too, which is really nice. I know the Lord is helping me. We both have similar eating habits, we have been exercising every day, she wakes up right at 6:30:), and we have been playing tennis every other day, and then running on the other days! Awesome huh? She just left an area that she had been in for like 6 months though, so she is really missing it. But she will learn to love this place. 
I really LOVE Rawlins. I just don't know how it is going to be when I leave. In my mind, for some reason, I have convinced myself that I will be here forever. Which is bad, because I know in my head, that missionaries move all the time. There are just so many wonderful things going on here and wonderful people that are truly finding and using the Atonement in their lives. 

This week we saw so many less actives progressing and working towards their goal of going to the temple. The temple prep class is going to be started in just a couple weeks and that has made a lot of couples very happy in our ward. One couple, the Greens, I just love them, he calls us the Elderettes. I have really just clicked with them, and this week when we went over, we asked what they were working for right now, and they told us that actually they were working on getting their temple recommends back right now. I felt so much joy when they told me that! It was amazing! They hold such a special place in my heart and I am so happy for them and their diligence in moving forward. I have truly gained a strong testimony of home and visiting teaching and fellowshipping. Each of these less-active families would not be progressing if they did not have home teachers and visiting teachings and people at church being there for them showing love for them, The missionaries are the ones who help them spiritually but the members are the ones that will be there in the long run, helping and lifting them. 

This week we were also able to get 4 new investigators! Remember how Jessica and her husband came to church last week? We stopped by this week and they said that they have been looking up on and more about the church. They aren't ready for the discussions yet, they said, but we are going over to answer questions this week. 
Also, amazing story. One of our investigators told us this week that a lady was coming with her to church who wanted to learn more. She showed up to church on Sunday and stayed for all 3 meetings. Then after we went up to her to see how she enjoyed it and to ask her if she wanted to learn more. But she beat us to the punch! She asked us if we could come over and teach her. So we are going over tomorrow to teach her. People are searching. She said she has been wanting to come to church for the longest time but didn't want to go by herself. There are many out there who would love to come to church but don't want to go alone. Invite, invite, invite!

Getting members involved more and more too! We are taking members to as many lessons as possible. This week we taught a man named Nolan, and we brought a lady with us from the ward. She loved it, and it is just great to have members involved and getting excited. Our lesson with Nolan went well. He is truly searching but can't seem to see the difference between Catholic authority on the earth and the priesthood restored upon the earth, But he is reading the Book of Mormon. 

Just a wonderful week of being able to see progress and see people who are truly moving towards their Savior. I really love, love Rawlins and the wonderful people here. So many neat experiences here too. The work is moving forward. People are moving towards the temple and getting excited to make covenants. They work to overcome their habits, their struggles, and it is all possible through the atonement. It works. I see so many people using the atonement here.It's amazing. I love you all!!! Thanks for everything!!! Hope your summer is going wonderfully:)
Sister Karissa Young

Tennis for Workout

Happy Pioneer Day!!!!


July 21, 2014
Hello Everyone!
 Let me start at the beginning! 
So p-day last week was a blast! We went to the Arnold's house to dance with their daughter. It was so much fun! I didn't realize how much I have missed dancing! She taught us a dance and then we danced and just had a grand old time. I love that family. That was actually just the start of my dancing day though. That night we had a dinner with the Tabrizi family. They are a couple from Iran. He is a convert and his wife isn't a member. Sister Clyde was there too. Have I told you about her? She is amazing!!! The best member missionary we have here. Holy cow. She is great. She LOVES sister missionaries and we love her. She is a RM who served in New Jersey, and now she is married and is about to have her first child. Her and her husband didn't get married until a bit later in life but they are a powerhouse couple. distracted. So, we went over and she had made us mexican food. ha. It was so yummy. Then after dinner they ended up showing us some of their culture. They turned on some Iranian music and she LOVES to dance. So she showed us all of their dance moves and then I got to join in and dance with her. It was so much fun. Then they kept pulling out more food for desserts and snacks. It was a fun evening. I've been able to more fully use my talents and interests this week especially. I'm learning little by little.:)

The week got a little tough in the middle, just because Sister Z was getting so close to going home. We tried to work hard all the time, but when you are about to head home, your brain gets a little unfocused. She had some rough days but such is life. And I am a sponge so it got a little hard for me too but that is ok. It was just a couple days.
But, we did have a neat lesson with Hazel. We ended up taking Sister Gableson, who is a recent convert of about 3 years and she is amazing! It was her first time with the missionaries teaching in a lesson. But the two of them had a lot in common. Common friends, common religious background, similar trials, it was just a great match. She still is struggling with prophets but we let her know that as she continued in the gospel and continued to learn, that her concerns would fall away and be resolved. It was a neat lesson.
So, What ended up happening with Sister Z leaving, is she left on Friday to head to the Mission Home so they could have a departing temple trip. So I have been in a trio since Friday afternoon. It was super weird to see her leave. It is just weird sending people home. It gets me excited for next year, and then I have to remind myself that I still have a year. ha. But we  all said a prayer together and then watched her drive away. (Yes, she got to drive herself to the mission home, all by herself!:))

Being in a trio has actually been super fun, and I have gotten to know the other sisters even better, which has been really good for me. They really are great missionaries. We had to divide up our time between each area being together but our lessons together have been really neat! Some of the neatest lessons I have been a part of in a while. It has been very interesting being the only one in my area for the past few days. It is exhausting but kind of nice. So these past couple days have been very cleansing for me. I haven't been "alone" since I am always in a trio or on splits, but I have kind of gotten some "alonetime" in my area. This has really helped me get back to ME, and find myself, and truly listen to the Lord. I didn't realize how much I had been lacking these things until I was "alone" in my area. It truly has just been a cleansing experience. 

Anywho, I never told you what was going on with transfers. I am staying in Rawlins for another 6 weeks and my companion will be Sister Johnson. I don't really know much about her, but I know the Lord knows what I need to learn and who will be best for me at this time. The other 2 sisters are staying as well. We will see what the future holds. 
I had a neat experience the other day where I realized a lot of things. The day after Sister Z left I started freaking out about being along in my area, and having to lead an area. I have really lost confidence this past little bit. I didn't know that until this weekend. I realized a lot this weekend! Sheesh. So I really took time in my personal study that day and prayed a lot to be guided for the next couple days and to gain my confidence back again. Not just confidence in myself but confidence in the Lord and then in myself. I really felt guided that day as I planned for lessons and planned how to make the next couple days work. 

Let me tell you about our crazy Sunday:) I was exhausted last night. Went to my ward meeting at 7:45 am like usual, then to my sacrament meeting, then the sisters had their meetings so I stayed in my ward with a lady, Sister James, and we just did splits. It was super fun:) I think Sister James was just really excited to be able to be a "missionary" for a bit. At church, guess who showed up?! Jessica, the lady who we found from Georgia, the referral. Remember her? Yeah! Her whole family came. And we found out that her husband isn't a member but actually really loved church. It was amazing. Also, a random lady showed up that just moved here from California with her kids, and we think she is a member but she came to church and is determined to have a nice fresh start for her and her kids. Our gospel principles teacher wasn't there so I impromptu got the class together and I taught the lesson anyway. I loved it. The Lord helps us through things like that. Then after relief society, I met up with the other sisters and we went to their church meetings. We sang in sacrament meeting. I was so sleepy during their church hours. Oh yeah...and I kinda spaced eating all day long too. It was fun. Then after church I had the sisters drop me off at a member's house and I went on another split with her to try to contact some referrals and potentials who speak spanish. Because this member speaks spanish:) The bishop gave us a referral of two ladies who went to Martin's Cove and loved it and ended up being taught the first discussion. The information we have for them is wrong though. So I hope we can find them! Lots of prayers. Then the sisters picked me up again after a few hours,( kinda felt like I was being babysat, haha.) Such is life though in crazy times. It was a neat day though to be able to see how I would do the work if it was just me in a companionship. It also gave me the confidence boost to know that I do love what I am doing, I do know what I am doing, and with the Lord I can do all things. I can be myself, I can be a part of the work. Things get better. I am excited and nervous to get my new companion but I know it will be what the Lord has in store for me next. 
II love you all!!! Thanks for your prayers, support, love, and examples. 

Sister Young

Dancing at the Arnold's

Dancing with Tabrizis