Monday, July 20, 2015

Searching for Truth

Hello All! 
I had a moment this week on about Friday I my mind I had just been thinking that I had 3 weeks left still and then all of a sudden, Sister Helsing and I were talking and it hit me, I don't have 3 weeks...I have 2 weeks. It was a weird moment. 2 seems like a lot less time than 3 weeks does. Weird! But I am excited, and nervous, and sad, and happy. I work hard during the day and then prepare myself mentally during my breakfast, lunch and after nightly planning time. But there is not much time to even think about it. We can barely get everything done that we need to here! But it will be so nice for my whole family to be back together! What a good day that is going to be:) A joyful reunion! 

It's kind of tough. In this area, I am teaching the least amount of lessons every week, that I have taught on my whole mission. But it is not for lack of trying, and I hope people don't think that I am slacking since it is my last transfer, because I am not. haha. But people are just really hard to catch home here and they don't keep their appointments and they are even pretty hard to set appointments with, But we made some plans during Weekly Planning that should help us to teach more this week. We have a lot of set appointments this week and some good plans. 

But despite the low number of teaching appointments, we have seen some neat miracles. We received a referral when we contacted another referral who wasn't interested. But he told us about his friend named P. P is 98 years old. He will be 99 next month. He goes on a walk around the block every day and he loves the Bible. When I first heard about him, I thought that he might just be one that we would go and visit to help him not be lonely, but our visit was quite an amazing experience. As we started talking to P he told us about losing his wife a few years ago and how heartbroken he had been. He wants to believe that he will see her again, but the way he talked we could tell he felt it might be final. He talked about how he didn't believe in churches. But the only reason why is because he was searching for the true church his whole life and never found it. As he talked we felt strongly that we needed to teach him the lessons. He seems to be all there, he just struggles to hear and see. We felt strongly that he was still around so that he can hear the message of the Restoration of Jesus Christ's fullness upon the earth. He has so many similar beliefs and views and he has been searching his whole life to find the true church. It was a very spiritual experience meeting with him and feeling the spirit testify that he is ready to accept the gospel. It might be a bit tricky to teach him but with the spirit, we know he will understand and be taught. 

The gospel is so true and the only way to find true peace in this life and the life to come. I know that! I love you all! Have a wonderful week. Find someone to lift and bless, sharing the love of Christ each day. It's so needed in our world!
Sister Young

 Exchanges in Laramie
Our travel buddies that a Recent Convert gave us. haha
Beautiful Sunset in the mountains.

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