Monday, April 21, 2014

The Witness

Hello Everyone!
 Easter was just a great day. People took care of us here and we were able to visit a few sisters in the ward that were spending Easter alone. I felt prompted that we really needed to spend time with those who were alone. The Savior would not want them to feel alone. That is the whole reason why he Atoned for us. So we wouldn't have to feel alone. So my Easter day went a little like this! First we went to church. I got to be a part of the Berthoud Ward Choir. There was an Easter program that consisted of some talks and music. It was a beautiful program. We sang an arrangement of Abide with Me, then He Sent His Son (with the primary kids), and There is a Green Hill Far Away. I love music! Then we went to Sunday school and Relief Society where we talked more about Christ. My testimony has grown even more through this week about how real our Savior is. I've become more familiar with his wonderful example and life that he lead. After church we went to visit some potential investigators, no one was home. But we took our lunch hour back home with the E family. She made a quiche and we did a Bulgarian egg game:) Then we took time for our personal and companionship studies, where I got to spend time reading about our Savior. It was so wonderful. Then we went to visit a lady whose husband is spending some time in jail right now and she is feeling very alone. She is a less-active member with lots of questions. We were able to visit with her and share a message. Then we went to have dinner with a single sister in the ward who was spending Easter alone. And after that we went to a youth choir production, in the church building right across from where the temple is being built. We have been inviting people for weeks to come this this choir concert all about Christ. It was packed! It was all the Loveland and Fort Collins stakes.. That was my wonderful Easter! I felt very close my my Savior and felt what a great honor it is to wear His name every day. 
The rest of my week was actually a really good one. While last week was the trial of my faith, this week we were able to receive the witness we are promised in the scriptures. We were able to teach Bro. F twice this week. The first lesson was a little tricky, as always, because he talks and talks and talks and we don't get a word in. But as he was talking I had a thought come to mind and when it got quiet for a second(literally like a second) I jumped in and asked "What do you know about Jesus Christ?" We then came to find out that he really hardly has any knowledge of our Savior! How can he follow Jesus Christ's example and be a member of his church, unless he knows him? So we set a time to come back and watch the Finding Faith in Christ movie. Which is one way we knew he would not be able to talk and talk:) So we came back and watched the movie with him and then we were able to answer his questions after. He is slowly, slowly progressing, but now we know what he really needs! 
We were also able to teach M more this week. The older lady that we had dinner with. While she has told us that she doesn't want to change, she still likes us sharing messages with her. And she has questions that we answer. This week we actually got her to pray at the end of our lesson. She struggles praying out loud but she gave a beautiful prayer. I just love her tons! Then we came back and helped her garden later in the week. I don't know if I told you but she brought out a yellow sweater last week and said, "Whenever I look at this sweater, I just think of you." And she gave it to me. She is the sweetest. I know if she doesn't accept the gospel in this life, she will in the next. But we want to help her get to that point before that. Love and service. 
We also have received a lot of referrals this week. Randomly too! One was a lady who just moved to Berthoud who the Elders from another area told us about and said she wants to be taught. She is hard of hearing, which is neat because Sister Mathews knows sign language. We have been trying to contact her but haven't found her home yet. We also have a family in the ward, the B, who I love dearly. When ever I go to their house I feel very at home. They are the best. But their daughter had a random religious talk with a friend the other night and her friend said that she would love to meet with the missionaries to learn more. Awesome right?! Little things are happening. 
We also had the chance to do some service for a member family. The lady who conducts music I told you about. Her husband is a less-active member but last time we went over for dinner we really connected with him. She had us come over and help her sort through her food storage and then we had dinner. Her husband really opened up and he is such a great guy! It is neat to see his heart softening little by little. We will continue to try to teach him. We also have been teaching another member's husband. We just found out that he was excommunicated a while ago and hasn't wanted anything with the church but recently, we met him and he told his wife to invite us over for dinner. Then he has been asking us to come back every week and teach them. His wife yesterday at church said that he has been asking when we are coming back and that we have really touched his heart. It is neat to see people's hearts soften through love and the Holy Ghost. The work is moving forward!
We also got the chance to stop by the S house and talk to her. We cleared up some misconceptions she had about the church and told her more about the Book of Mormon and she accepted a copy and said she would read it. She really opened up to us too about her husband and his struggles. She told us to continue to stop by. 
Fun story of the week. On Saturday, we went over to a member's house to do some service and have dinner, and share a message. Now, this lady is very sweet. She and her husband and recently reactivated and working towards the temple. They love to talk, but she is the sweetest lady. Before we came we found out that she had called Sister E to "Extend our curfew" and make sure she knew we were going to be home later. Haha! (Don't worry, we still made it home by the time the white handbook says.) But we get there and she tells us that she spent 2 hours that day getting together an Easter game for us after we did service and had dinner. We dusted her house for service, and then ate chicken. Then her game was called, "Build Your Easter Basket," She had clues and had hidden candy and prizes around her whole house for us to race and go find:) It was super fun and really sweet of her to do for us. She loves giving missionaries socks too. Because she had a sister over one time with mismatched socks, so she figured she needed new socks. So I got 3 new pairs of socks:) And a cute rooster statue, candy, pinwheels, Bible word searches, bubbles, fresh eggs from her farm, hay from her farm. All sorts of stuff. Super sweet of her:) I really do love the people here in Berthoud. 
We find out about transfers this coming Saturday. We have heard that president might keep all the sisters in the exact same situations. So I might be here again, with Sister M. Who knows what is going to happen! We will be moving from the E's house though. We are moving to Bishop A's house. I am sad to leave the E's but I love the A family too, so it should be fun. 
I love you all soooooo much!!! Thanks for your letters, prayers, and diligence. Keep me posted on you all and your lives. I miss you! Can't wait to talk to you all on mother's day!

This is Brother and Sister E.  She made this beautiful Easter dress and wears hats like this to church every week!  I just love them both

Bother and Sister B before we searched the house for the prizes to fill our baskets with.

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