Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Dear Everyone!

We have seen so many miracles this week, and miracles that only the Lord could have made happen. One that truly stood out to me and showed me the power of God had to do with a lady named Jessica. We received a media referral this week, over a text message, that gave us her name and a brief description but no address or way to contact her. So we called the number of the lady who gave us the referral and she told us that she had been driving through town and met a lady at the park who just moved there from Georgia. She said she was living in a camp trailer in Rawlins and had 3 boys and a dog. She said that the best way that we could probably find her would be to go to the park and see if we saw anyone who fit that description. That was a pretty long shot, but we were determined to find her. So, we decided that we would try to go to the park every once in a while over the next week and see if we could see her. But we went about doing the work the next day. We pulled up into a trailer park  to go and teach an investigator and we were about to pray and I looked over and saw a camp trailer with a Georgia license plate and at that very moment a lady and 3 kids were walking into the trailer with their dog tied up in the front yard! We were amazed and decided we needed to go see if that was Jessica. We went over and introduced ourselves and she said that she was Jessica! The Lord had placed us in that spot at that time, out of anywhere in Rawlins. She doesn't even live close to the park that the lady met her at. We called the lady who referred her to us back and she said she had been praying all day. This story just shows the power that can happen when members and missionaries work together! There were some many people involved in this miracle and we could not have done it without the Lord. It was amazing!! 
The second miracle/3rd miracle happened on the morning of the Fourth of July. First we had a church tour with a lady that was interested in learning more. The cousin of the Archuleta family. We gave her a tour while we taught her about the Restoration, Joseph Smith and the Priesthood. She said that when the time comes, she would love to be baptized and have her 2 kids ages 8 and 10 be baptized as well. She was excited to learn more and we set up a time to come over and teach her and her family this week. She truly is searching for the truth and is really going to put forth the effort. It was so neat. The second miracle happened in part because of the first one. We decided to stay at the church to do our weekly planning, which we never stay at the church. We were about to start and then the phone at the church rang. At first I wasn't going to get it but then I felt like I should so I went down the hall and answered. On the other line there was a lady who was frantic. She said her car had broken down and her and her husband didn't know anyone and had been calling around and no one had answered but we had answered. We said we would call her back with information on who could fix her car. There are tons of men in the ward who work on cars, but it was the 4th so one one was in town! Finally we thought of a less-active who worked on cars and asked if he would help. He agreed willing and we went up to the hotel to help them. While the men were working on the car we went and got lunch for his wife and him. We then got to talking to the wife in the hotel room and she told us how much of a miracle we were. She said that that morning she had just been praying and praying for help and the words "Latter-day" kept popping into her head. So she looked in the phone book and found The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She called and knew we would answer, she said when we answered it was like a voice of an angel. We ended up teaching her about the gospel and gave her a Book of Mormon. She said she wanted missionaries to come by in her town, so we got her address and phone # and told her that we would take care of it. The ward was able to help them out by bringing them meals and supplying the hotel for them while everything got fixed. It was such a neat miracle to be a part of. Her heart is truly softened and she is looking for the truth. Miracles happen!!! Such a neat week of learning. I really do love being a part of this work. There are hard times, really hard times, but the miracles make it worth it. 
There are so many other experiences that I could write about but I am running out of time. Thank you all for your love and support!! I love each of you!! Pray for Claudia and her family this week!!
Sister Young

Edna, the sweet lady we visit at the Nursing Home

Tea Party that we had with sweet Sister Green:) from England

Fourth of July!!!

Beautiful Wyoming!

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