Thursday, July 17, 2014

One Question

Monday - July 14, 2014

So, random neat piece of news I forgot to share, on September 6th we have an all mission conference and Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Elder Craig C. Christensen of the Presidency of the Seventy, Elder David S. Baxter and Elder George F. Rhodes of the Seventy, will all be attending! Pretty exciting huh? I'm excited:) Also, an announcement has been set forward by the church saying that all missions in the US will have ipads by the beginning of next year. So now we know for sure that we will be getting them soon. I am excited to be able to use more of the media resources to share the gospel. I realize how much I took it for granted before my mission to always be able to use those resources and how much the church is using technology now. 
In other news, this week had it's typical ups and downs and goods and bads. I am getting really nervous to find out who my new companion is. I find out on Saturday.
Anyway, I better get typing. I don't have much time left.
So, we have not been able to contact Claudia this week. We don't know why she keep cancelling and not answering us. It is kind of discouraging but we move forward. People are struggling with keeping commitments! They have all of these problems and want answers but the gospel is the answer. And you need to apply the gospel not just believe it. Faith requires action in order to receive the peace we seek. It's so simple yet so difficult for people. It makes us feel stuck when they don't keep commitments. 
But we do have a new investigator this week. A women named Hazel. She is older and has been through a pretty tough life but has such a strong testimony of our Savior. She truly is striving to listen to the spirit. She has many friends who are LDS and has gone to church before but still isn't a member. Missionaries have taught her before but she has a problem with prophets. But this past time we went over she said that she had started to feel lately that maybe there was something she was missing and that maybe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has it. We invited her to pray about prophets and if God has called a prophet now. She said she would. She is the sweetest lady and we are excited to move forward with her.
Another random story, so we had a service auction this week at the church for Relief Society. We auctioned a Family Home Evening night with the Sisters, lesson and treat provided, and 2 hours of service of any kind except babysitting:). We ended up winning an hour of dance lessons with a Young women in the ward, so that will be our P-day today:) Also, I was bidding on some homemade bread but got out bidded and then the lady who ended up winning it, gave it to us. That is the essence of a service auction. Such wonderful people here in Rawlins. I really LOVE the people here and I love Rawlins too. Who would have thought right? haha. I don't want to leave this place so I hope I end up staying this week.
Funny story, I got a bug bite on my eyelid...that was weird. But my eye was all swollen and puffy for a couple days, so that was really fun. haha. 
We did Music in the Park again this week, and with our new ward mission leader we are really involving the members more. We love it. We have been striving to find members for every appointment, and involving them in our finding. So this week at Music in the Park we had members at our booth and more signed up for the next couple weeks. It is going to be great to get them involved more.  
The work is moving forward There are times I feel stuck but then we just keep moving forward. My companion goes home this week, and I have no idea what will happen from there. I have learned lots from her We have had our ups and downs, but a neat thing is that all the members here say that there is just a neat connection between us that they feel. I can't tell you how many members tell us that we are just a really neat companionship and carry a light together. So, even though we have our rough times, we don't let them influence the work. We always strive to work through them so that we can have the spirit with us. Which is hard sometimes. We haven't even come close to solving a lot of our differences but we work with them and do the work anyway. The Atonement is real and can carry us and our relationships. 
One neat question that we have been asking to people is, "IF you could ask God one question, what would it be?" Ponder on that this week. I would love to hear some responses to this question from you all. I'll share a few of the responses that I have heard too in next week's e-mail. 
This work is real, the scriptures are true, the Lord is in charge and He is so much more powerful than Satan. We can overcome anything with His help. I love you all!!! I'll let you know about transfers in next week's e-mail. Thank you all for your emails and letters.
Sister Karissa Young

Bowling with the Greens.  They take care of us well :)

Music in the Park.  

Taylor family.  RS Pres and just an amazing family!!!

YW in the ward. Awesome :)

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