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July 21, 2014
Hello Everyone!
 Let me start at the beginning! 
So p-day last week was a blast! We went to the Arnold's house to dance with their daughter. It was so much fun! I didn't realize how much I have missed dancing! She taught us a dance and then we danced and just had a grand old time. I love that family. That was actually just the start of my dancing day though. That night we had a dinner with the Tabrizi family. They are a couple from Iran. He is a convert and his wife isn't a member. Sister Clyde was there too. Have I told you about her? She is amazing!!! The best member missionary we have here. Holy cow. She is great. She LOVES sister missionaries and we love her. She is a RM who served in New Jersey, and now she is married and is about to have her first child. Her and her husband didn't get married until a bit later in life but they are a powerhouse couple. distracted. So, we went over and she had made us mexican food. ha. It was so yummy. Then after dinner they ended up showing us some of their culture. They turned on some Iranian music and she LOVES to dance. So she showed us all of their dance moves and then I got to join in and dance with her. It was so much fun. Then they kept pulling out more food for desserts and snacks. It was a fun evening. I've been able to more fully use my talents and interests this week especially. I'm learning little by little.:)

The week got a little tough in the middle, just because Sister Z was getting so close to going home. We tried to work hard all the time, but when you are about to head home, your brain gets a little unfocused. She had some rough days but such is life. And I am a sponge so it got a little hard for me too but that is ok. It was just a couple days.
But, we did have a neat lesson with Hazel. We ended up taking Sister Gableson, who is a recent convert of about 3 years and she is amazing! It was her first time with the missionaries teaching in a lesson. But the two of them had a lot in common. Common friends, common religious background, similar trials, it was just a great match. She still is struggling with prophets but we let her know that as she continued in the gospel and continued to learn, that her concerns would fall away and be resolved. It was a neat lesson.
So, What ended up happening with Sister Z leaving, is she left on Friday to head to the Mission Home so they could have a departing temple trip. So I have been in a trio since Friday afternoon. It was super weird to see her leave. It is just weird sending people home. It gets me excited for next year, and then I have to remind myself that I still have a year. ha. But we  all said a prayer together and then watched her drive away. (Yes, she got to drive herself to the mission home, all by herself!:))

Being in a trio has actually been super fun, and I have gotten to know the other sisters even better, which has been really good for me. They really are great missionaries. We had to divide up our time between each area being together but our lessons together have been really neat! Some of the neatest lessons I have been a part of in a while. It has been very interesting being the only one in my area for the past few days. It is exhausting but kind of nice. So these past couple days have been very cleansing for me. I haven't been "alone" since I am always in a trio or on splits, but I have kind of gotten some "alonetime" in my area. This has really helped me get back to ME, and find myself, and truly listen to the Lord. I didn't realize how much I had been lacking these things until I was "alone" in my area. It truly has just been a cleansing experience. 

Anywho, I never told you what was going on with transfers. I am staying in Rawlins for another 6 weeks and my companion will be Sister Johnson. I don't really know much about her, but I know the Lord knows what I need to learn and who will be best for me at this time. The other 2 sisters are staying as well. We will see what the future holds. 
I had a neat experience the other day where I realized a lot of things. The day after Sister Z left I started freaking out about being along in my area, and having to lead an area. I have really lost confidence this past little bit. I didn't know that until this weekend. I realized a lot this weekend! Sheesh. So I really took time in my personal study that day and prayed a lot to be guided for the next couple days and to gain my confidence back again. Not just confidence in myself but confidence in the Lord and then in myself. I really felt guided that day as I planned for lessons and planned how to make the next couple days work. 

Let me tell you about our crazy Sunday:) I was exhausted last night. Went to my ward meeting at 7:45 am like usual, then to my sacrament meeting, then the sisters had their meetings so I stayed in my ward with a lady, Sister James, and we just did splits. It was super fun:) I think Sister James was just really excited to be able to be a "missionary" for a bit. At church, guess who showed up?! Jessica, the lady who we found from Georgia, the referral. Remember her? Yeah! Her whole family came. And we found out that her husband isn't a member but actually really loved church. It was amazing. Also, a random lady showed up that just moved here from California with her kids, and we think she is a member but she came to church and is determined to have a nice fresh start for her and her kids. Our gospel principles teacher wasn't there so I impromptu got the class together and I taught the lesson anyway. I loved it. The Lord helps us through things like that. Then after relief society, I met up with the other sisters and we went to their church meetings. We sang in sacrament meeting. I was so sleepy during their church hours. Oh yeah...and I kinda spaced eating all day long too. It was fun. Then after church I had the sisters drop me off at a member's house and I went on another split with her to try to contact some referrals and potentials who speak spanish. Because this member speaks spanish:) The bishop gave us a referral of two ladies who went to Martin's Cove and loved it and ended up being taught the first discussion. The information we have for them is wrong though. So I hope we can find them! Lots of prayers. Then the sisters picked me up again after a few hours,( kinda felt like I was being babysat, haha.) Such is life though in crazy times. It was a neat day though to be able to see how I would do the work if it was just me in a companionship. It also gave me the confidence boost to know that I do love what I am doing, I do know what I am doing, and with the Lord I can do all things. I can be myself, I can be a part of the work. Things get better. I am excited and nervous to get my new companion but I know it will be what the Lord has in store for me next. 
II love you all!!! Thanks for your prayers, support, love, and examples. 

Sister Young

Dancing at the Arnold's

Dancing with Tabrizis

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