Sunday, September 21, 2014

Earth Made Clean Again

September 15,  2014

Guess what?! Everything worked out and Galilea was baptized this week!! Her mom, dad, older sister and baby brother were all there. It was such a neat experience. She was so excited. We had some great talks by a girl her age, and her young women leader. Then she was baptized by our Ward mission leader. Then we showed some mormon messages while we waited. Want to know something cool? One of our investigators came to the baptism! The thing that is neat about that is, missionaries have been working with her for a really long time, but she is just very much so, on her own pace, doesn't like to be pushed, and doesn't take invitations well. Which is  tricky because that is our purpose is to Invite! haha. But we've learned to have her make the discoveries for herself and then we just see how she is doing. But recently she has been progressing. The ward members are the ones really taking over though and she responds a lot better to them. They have them over for FHE, they have truly befriended them. So she came to the baptism on her own, because she wanted to. She knows it's true but it is going to be on her own time that she decides to be baptized. But they are having us over next Monday for dinner and FHE so it should be fun:). Anyway back to the baptism. So, then after she got all changed we had asked a couple of the youth in the ward to bear their testimonies. They all had just barely come from sporting events and barely made it on time, still in their sports uniforms, but it was just so neat to have other youth their bearing their testimonies. The spirit was strong and the Gonzalez family really enjoyed it. And her mom even came the next day to church for the confirmation. I pray that this is the step that will help their entire family become active again. 

I've been fighting a cold for the past couple days, but it is a lot better than it could be. I have been drinking sooooo much water though. I really believe in this helping colds. haha. But it is alright. I keep pressing forward.

We had an amazing District Meeting this week. We were asked to invite Investigators and Less Actives to our meeting. Which I have never done but it encourages it in the handbook. So we had a couple of investigators and less actives there. IT was a super powerful experience. First, I was asked to sing a special musical number. I sang, "Come Unto to Jesus."  We talked about prayer and the power it has to help us receive answers to our questions. Then a few of us were asked to bear our testimonies impromtu. The spirit was strong and then we all went to the chapel and took 5 minutes just to pray. I felt an overwhelming love from Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the power of prayer.  

Ahhhh!!! So much to tell you all. I need to be done though. But Kelly, investigator, is reading the Book of Mormon! That is amazing! On her own. haha. Also, we found a super neat family that is really interested in learning about the gospel! We taught them about the Book of Mormon and they both really enjoyed it and want to come to church. We will continue to try to teach them. Lots more to that story. I will write a letter perhaps. This week we had 18 Less actives at church and 4 investigators! It was amazing!! People just kept walking in that we hadn't seen at church in forever!! This work is amazing, the spirit is touching peoples' hearts all the time. I love this work, I love Rawlins, and I love each of you!!! 


Traditional Rawlins font picture.  Valve that turns on the font.


Galilea's Baptism

Galilea's Baptism

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