Monday, December 1, 2014

Terry Lake Ward

Dear Family & Friends,
I don't have much time today because I forgot I am in a big city now and have to have a library card in order to get on the I forgot ID to prove that I am a Colorado resident. Kinda sad. Oh well...I will work with my hour that I do have. It's been super weird to adjust to a new place. LEt me tell you a little about Fort Collins. It is HUGE! I don't know how I will ever learn to get around. We have a GPS that saves us every day. Our ward boundary is huge as well. Sometimes it takes us like 20 minutes or more just to get to a house we are visiting. The main street is beautiful though especially now at Christmas time. They have lights up all over the place and it is all decorated. I love it. I am the driver now, which means I get to drive in all sorts of traffic but I am grateful I drove around St. George before I came out. The ward is pretty nice so far. We have met quite a few people . The first night we were able to have a meeting with bishop and our Ward Mission Leader. It was perfect. They are SO excited about missionary work and they are trying some really fun ideas out too. We were able to get members to all of our lessons with our investigator this week even though we hardly know anyone. So everyone is pretty willing. We have one investigator named M. 
M has a strong desire to get baptized but he is struggling with the Word of Wisdom. Guess what part of the Word of Wisdom... marijuana. I'm in Colorado now!!! Ha. So he takes it medicinally for some injuries he has and it is prescribed.   So it is a tricky situation.  There are some other issues that also need to be addressed but he is really excited to be baptized. He had some of his questions answered at church yesterday. He for sure is taking some big steps. 
There was only the one investigator when we got here and now we have 4. There are 2 sets of sisters in this ward but the other set is actually called over the spanish branch that was just formed about a month ago. But President wants us to do some Spanish work too but in the Terry Lake. It has been quite interesting for me. I am really trying to learn Spanish now. We do language study every day and we go to the Spanish branch on Sundays. It really is a bit overwhelming in my brain but there must be reasons that President keeps putting me with Spanish sisters, so I am doing my best to learn the language. I can't even tell you how many times I haven't known what was going on or being said all week....sigh. But I am learning. I prayed in Spanish yesterday for the first time. Half Spanish half english, just for our nightly prayer. I will work on it.
My companion is Hermana Snow. She is the most obedient missionary I have ever met thus far on my mission. She is from Nevada and is super loving and awesome. She goes home at the end of this transfer and there is no sign of slowing down yet. It is amazing to me to see her consecration. So, it will be a good learning experience for me.
Some experiences this week. My Thanksgiving was great! We went to the bishop's house first and ate with his family and some members of the ward and then we went to dinner at the R house. They are a Part Member family and they are great! It was super fun. We ate with them, shared the Thanksgiving mormon message and then they had us help them decorate their tree. That was a tender mercy. I was sad I wasn't going to get to help decorate a tree this year. Also to top it off, it was 65 to 70 degrees on Thanksgiving day!!! IT has been so warm!! I love that. 
Another neat experience this week is when we went to visit a lady who is the only member of the church in her family. She showed us how she has been composing music about the temple that is being built and about her testimony. She played the piano for us and then she had us help her to sing the song and chose what we liked best. She liked our voices so much that she asked us to come back this week so that we can record and so she can send it to the stake presdient! Super excited to be a part of that. It was so neat to see her using her talents to share the gospel. Her music is beautiful and her lyrics hit you very hard. She kept saying how the Lord had sent us to her to help her with her music. Such a neat experience. 
Well, I only have a few minutes left. I love you all!! I am doing well here in Ft. Collins. It is for sure a super different experience than I have had so far but I think it will be a good one. I love you!!!!!
Sister Young

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