Monday, November 24, 2014

Farewell Wyoming

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm grateful for each of you in my life and hope you have wonderful Thanksgivings! I have NO idea where I will be for Thanksgiving. This is a hard time to transfer, right before the holidays so we know NO one. It would have been fun to spend the holidays with my Rawlins family...but oh well. I am happy and super excited for a new adventure! Oh...I forgot I didn't tell you what happened with transfer, because you already know! Sheesh, so many spies all over. haha. Ok here are the details. I am getting Transferred to Fort Collins, CO into the Terry Lake Ward. My companion will be Sister Snow, who I think this is her last transfer on her mission. So I will be killing another companion. I think that is my calling in life, to be missionaries last companions or something. haha. The weird thing is, Hermana Mondragon is going to be in the same ward as me but her companion and her will be spanish speaking. So 2 sets of sisters. There is a new rule for all the missions that the First Presidency just came out with that says that Elders and Sisters can't share a ward anymore. So from now on I will be sharing wards with Sisters. It's been sad to say goodbye and hard because I want to say goodbye to the other ward too but there is not enough time, But I've been able to say my goodbyes to the people I love and we are still finding time inbetween to pack. It's hard because I have lived here for 7 months! Crazy right? That is almost half my mission. Oh yeah, and Elders are being brought into Rawlins again. Kind of crazy that I was here the whole time that Sisters were here. That makes me feel a strong sense of ownership over Rawlins. It will always have a piece of my heart. 

This week really good actually. I don't have much time to tell you all about it though. :( 
-Taught Pat and Barb and Pat is praying to know if she should be baptized. We taught the Plan of Salvation and they both really liked it and it clicked with them. I hope and pray they continue to Progress with Elders here. 

-Sherry recognized an answer to her prayer and has felt the spirit very strongly in her life. We will make sure the Elders keep teaching her and the members stick with her.

-We found a new investigator this week who is will be perfect for the Elders to teach. We weren't even "searching" for him. We went to a dinner at the Rivers, alligator people, and they invited a bunch of their co-workers and one of them has been wanting to meet missionaries for a long time. It is super crazy. He sat in on the lesson that night and said he wanted to start learning. 

Lots of other things happened this week but my brain is a bit in a frazzle today with all I have to do before I leave tomorrow at 9:00am. Pray for good weather for our travels to Fort Collins. I'm excited that I get to serve in the place that the mission is named after. We'll get to be close to the temple site so I will get to see it continue to be built up. 
Sorry, I really did want to write more, but time has gotten away from me. I just have come to realize that even if we can't see the reasons why the Lord places you in certain places at certain times, He has a plan. I still am not 100% sure why I was placed into this ward for one transfer but I am beginning to see. Gosh, I wish this e-mail was a bit more uplifting but I just can't think...I'm sorry. haha. Keep smiling and shining your light to all those around you. Have a wonderful week. I love each of you!:)
Sister Young
All of the people we do service with at the Old Pen.  Love them!!

Hot Cocoa season:)

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