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Christmas and Smiles

Monday - December 29, 2014

Anyway, I don't have much time life today to write but I'll type a bit. Christmas day was quite unexpected all day, but it was the Lord telling us that He was in control and we didn't need to worry. We didn't have very many set plans on Christmas, being in a new ward, and to be honest I was getting worried that we would have no place to go all Christmas. But we had that wonderful family offer to let us Skype and then join them for christmas lunch. We had a brunch a few hours before that with a Less Active lady who was alone on christmas. Then after the Christmas lunch we got a phone call from a family who we didn't think we had any set plans with but they were calling to make sure we were coming over at 4 for dinner with their family. They are a Part Member family and they are so sweet. We spent some time over there and then our mission president had given us permission to watch a movie on christmas day. We didn't have anywhere to watch one though. Every other missionary in the whole mission watched, Frozen...but Sister Snow wanted to wait until she gets home in a week to watch it with her family, so we didn't watch it. But we went over to someone's house and they found out we could watch a movie and told us that they have a family tradition of watching, "A Child's Christmas in Wales." haha. So...they "convinced" us to join them and watch it. So while everyone was watching Frozen, we watched...this other one. haha. It was a once in a lifetime experience. :) As in, I will not watch it again. haha. But it was so sweet to join with that family in their tradition. More stories later about time,.

So, yesterday some crazy new changes happened. We are now in a Trio with a sister because her companion got her visa and is heading to Bulgaria now. We just found out about it yesterday and went and picked her up. Then Sister Snow will be going with another Sister for her last week and speak spanish, and I will be with this new Sister for the week. Her name is Sister Budge. She is super sweet. It will be good but such a random change. And then we find out about Transfers this weekend on Saturday so I will find out who my new companion will be. 

One neat experience I had this week was a random, simple experience, but powerful to me. We were in the library because Sister Snow is doing her going home papers, and I was just writing in my journal. I then looked up and saw a man about to go down the stairs and I just smiled at him. He then did a double take, walked back up a stair, waved at me, acted like he knew me and then walked away. Ha, that is unusual here in Fort Collins. People don't usually wave or smile back at us. haha. Then I had almost forgotten about it and kept writing. Then we were getting up to leave and he came walking back up the stairs. He told me that I looked like someone he knew but then he realized we were missionaries from his church. He told us that it was a miracle that he saw us because he had been praying to run into missionaries or to find some help. He wanted the bishop's number and as Sister Snow was writing it down, I kept talking to him. Found out that he is from Leeds, UT, right next to St. George. He talked about how growing up there was so great because he just felt so innocent and life was so easy. He then got tears in his eyes and said, "I wish I could be like that again." I then looked him in the eye and said, "You CAN get back to feeling like that." He said, "I hope so." We gave him bishop's number and ours and then shook his hand goodbye. He help firmly to my hand and said, "Thank you." I am so grateful for experiences like this where I know that the Lord has put people in our paths to help them find the Atonement again. I know that each of us CAN get back to that feeling of innocence and joy. We can have the burden of sin removed, and feel the freedom that the Atonement gives to us. All of this came about because of a smile. If I would not have smiled at him he never would have recognized us as servants of Jesus Christ. Always SMILE!!
 I love you all!! 
Sister Young

Christmas PJ's

One more day til Christmas!
Christmas Stocking

Christmas Morn in Fort Collins!

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