Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here Goes!!

Monday - January 5, 2015

Transfer NEWS!!!

On Saturday afternoon we got a call from the Assistants and they asked for me. They said, "Sister Young, the Lord has called you to train a new Sister missionary. Do you accept this calling?" Of course I said yes. haha. That wasn't as long of a story as I thought it would be. haha. But, for transfers I will be staying here in the Terry Lake Ward and training a new English speaking sister missionary. In the days leading up to it I had been feeling like this might happen. I had been talking to Sister Budge, who is awesome by the way, and she said that before she had trained she had prayed to Heavenly Father and let Him know that she was open for an experience like that. Either training or some form of leadership. I, up until now, have not done that. I figured if the Lord wanted me to train or lead, he would just call me to do so, plus I knew that those callings hold a lot of responsibility and I didn't know if I was quite up for it yet, but I took her advice. For a few days before Saturday, I prayed to Heavenly Father, letting Him know that I was open now to leadership and that I would accept His will whatever it might be for me. I felt that it was going to happen but I knew there were only a few sisters coming in and I thought all of them were Spanish Speaking, but I guess there is one English sister coming into the mission. It will be a great experience and I know the Lord will help me to help her. 

This week was such a good week. There were many trials that happened with our investigators but being with Sister Budge this week was such a blessing. Her and I are so similar and I feel so close to her even after only a week. We clicked right away and I haven't laughed this much and this hard in a really long time. We both think the same way, work really hard, strive to be obedient, and still have  so much fun while doing it. She actually is now going to be my Sister Training Leader so we will still get to see each other and go on exchanges. She is so great!! We both were secretly hoping that she would stay in this area as my companion. But Heavenly Father knew that we both had things to learn from each other. 

G-Had a lesson with him. He said he would come to church but then we got a text from him the night before saying that some things were changing in his life and he wasn't going to be able to make it to church the next day. Not quite sure what that means. We have an appointment with him on Wednesday night so we will see what happens. He is reading more from the Book of Mormon now though. 
A-We are a bit worried about. His girlfriend is back in the picture now and when we went over to teach him this week, his countanance had changed, but not for the good. We are worried about him but know that he will be able to progress as we continue to work with him and he feels the spirit. 
R- Has set a date for January 31st to work towards being baptized, now he just needs to come to church consistently and we have some more vital commandments that he needs to learn. 

One miracle that happened this week happened when we were contacting some Part Member families. I had been feeling like we needed to be in a certain area, and we were there and trying all of the PMF that we could. We knocked on one door and the wife, not a member, invited us right in sat us down, got us some hot cocoa, (we've had a lot this week;)) and then we got to know her a bit and she invited us over for a dinner that Friday at their house. The dinner was great and the family is so great! They have 3 kids, the kids are involved with a Youth Theatre Group here in town and so we connected well. We had gone in planning to invite them to take the lessons but when the time came in the lesson, the spirit prompted us not to. We aren't quite sure why. We shared a message on the Doctrine of Christ and they all have strong testimonies and go to another church. But we did invite the kids to YM and YW on Wednesday nights. The kids are also just really powerful and have such good standards. They are just such a loving family. We will continue to serve them and work with them and the Lord will let us know when the timing is right.
Well, it's not too much, but here is a bit about my life right now. I have realized this week the many ways that I have to improve and the many weaknesses that I have, but I know that the Lord will make those strengths as I continue to do His work. We are all striving. Striving is the key. It is a process, a continual process. We must continue forward, leaning on the Savior and trusting that He is working with us, weaknesses and all! I love you all!!!!
Sister Young

Here is the new address to our mission office. It is changing now. Please send ALL letters and send all packages to this address now for the rest of my mission:) 

Sister Karissa Young 
Colorado Fort Collins Mission
500 HillSpire Drive
Windsor, CO  80550
               All the Sisters in Terry Lake. From L to R: Me, Sister Budge, Sis. Mondragon, Sis. Snow

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