Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Transfer in Rawlins!‏

We have worked a lot with less-actives this week. It's been pretty neat to have the Lord guide us to families who are struggling and who are getting ready step by step to come back. Miracles always happen at the last hour of the day. We met an amazing family, less-active, who hasn't had missionaries stop by for about 2 years. They were converts, got sealed in the temple, and then got offended and fell away. But they opened up to us and even invited us over for smoked ribs and corn on the cob this week:). Tis the season for BBQ's and red meat...haha. 
Another neat thing, remember the lady that we tracted into who was the secretary at my high school? Well she finally agreed to let us come over this week and teach her. She seems really open minded. We also are teaching the whole Ar family this coming week finally. So this week should be pretty great! Keep us in yours prayers so that we will be prepared to teach them, and them so that their hearts will be softened.
We did a lot of service this week too. Helped at the Pen to Pen fun run this week. Everyone has stripes who participates in the fun run so it looks like a bunch of prisoners are running through town. It was great to be able to serve at it and talk to so many people. 
We have been working with K still this week to get her ready for her baptism this Saturday! It is coming up fast and there is so much to do! But she is excited and everything looks good. Keep her in your prayers too though. Her mom is nervous because she wants her to make the choice for herself and not be influenced by wanting to please her mom. She is so sweet though and always is ready with her scriptures on her ipod when we get there. 
Oh.... so, story time!! This week for our weekly planning session, we wanted to get out of the house because it was such a nice day. So we drove to a mountain at the edge of town, and hiked up a short distance to a rock overlooking the neighborhood. It was great!!! But we forgot one thing. Sunscreen:) So...needless to say, I got one of the worst burns on my legs that I have ever gotten. But that is ok:) But then the next day I realized that my right ankle was getting all swollen. I looked like an elephant. I got a little worried but it seems to have gone down a bit today. So we will figure it out I guess:) It's the same ankle that I twisted a few months ago but I think it was just from the burn. 
One thing that we have started to do this week is to listen to conference talks in the morning from the time we wake up to our personal study time. It has really uplifted all of us and make us more dedicated. Try it out this week! Listen to conference talks as you get ready! It will increase the spirit in your lives. 
I'm sorry that their isn't a lot to report this week but know that miracles are always happening. We just need to open our eyes. I love you all so much!!!! Thanks for all you do!
Sister Young

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