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Tuesday - May 27, 2014

First-I am learning how to use my talents more to do the work. This week we met with a lady who has really been struggling right now. She got a divorce and then her dad died, and now she is struggling with her kids, and she is overcoming some addictions in life. We have been meeting with her every week and she is amazing! This week I felt really prompted to share a hymn with her. So, sister Z and I sang it to her. It is called, "Does the Journey Seem Long." It is one of my favorite hymns and has gotten me through a really rough time in life. Knowing that my Savior is there and can free us from all sin. He is there to carry our burdens. Here is a link to the song when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang it.
We also visited an elderly lady in the ward who is struggling and can't come to church but has the sacrament brought to her every week. We walked outside with her and then came in and sang hymns with her. It was so powerful when she started joining in, the best she could. The spirit truly can speak through music. I am working to involve my talents more in the work.

We also were able to teach a recently reactivated lady and her 13 year old daughter. She is super tall too:) They are both members but her husband is not, which is a real struggle for both of them. We are reteaching them the lessons because they really want to learn more and be more firm in their testimonies. I just really love both of them a lot. We did some service for them and got to spend time with D. I felt more like myself with her than I have in a long time. It made me miss my wonderful sisters! 
On Friday, the rain came! We saw that the rain clouds were coming but we decided to walk around a bit in a trailer park. There were some random people looking at us and we have made it a goal to talk to everyone. But felt weird about it as we started walking over. So first we stopped at a members house to meet them, and then on our way back, it started pouring!! We went to talk to those people who were looking at us, they weren't interested but as we were walking/running to our car, another random car pulled up to us and handed us $20 and told us thank you for all we do and that she was a LA member who just moved to town and to stop by anytime. We aren't supposed to accept money but they wouldn't take it back. So we'll just get a meal with it or something. Ha. But it was neat to see the Lord's hand in meeting them. Her husband is not a member. 
Haven't been able to get in contact with the H family, but we did get a chance to go and visit the family that speaks Spanish. The member that was supposed to go with us, backed out at the last minute so we were a bit worried but we knew it would work out. The kids speak english. So we went in and got to talking and found out that they are a Part member family! The parents found the church while in California, and then the 2 oldest kids were baptized and grew up in the church, but then at the age of 12 they all stopped going. Now the kids are 21 and 23. So they know basically nothing about the church but they both really want to learn along with their little sister, who isn't a member. As we were leaving I just couldn't help but feel a feeling of awe at the love our Heavenly Father has for His children. He will not let them get "lost". They hadn't had anything to do with the church in years and just recently moved to Wyoming in the past couple months and we were able to find them. So neat how the Lord works. Also, never refuse food given to you by anyone in the Hispanic culture, even if you just got done eating! Learned that one:)
We also have had a couple really nice dinners this week where the members have been inviting tons of people over. Members, nonmembers, less actives. So neat to be meeting so many people and get a chance to get to know them and share our faith. Two wonderful ladies I have met are Shirley and Theresa. They are the cutest old black ladies who are sisters. We have done some service for them and just gotten to know them really well. We want to start teaching them soon but up until now they have not been interested.
We also have a couple potential investigators this coming week that have said they want to learn more. There are so many stories I just done have time to tell them all. We have found a lot of investigators by just stopping by less active members in the ward and finding out that they have moved but the people living there now are interested. 
I am meeting all sorts of interesting people and hearing all kinds of interesting beliefs. My brain gets so tired at times but I love meeting all sorts of people and learning to see them as the Savior would. I have had some neat moments where I have just been able to look at someone and feel such an incredible amount of love for them, charity. It is so neat. 
My brain has been able to settle down once again and I am loving the work. I really do. I work to improve everyday. One thing that I have really learned this week and seen, is that each of us has our own individual unique talents and personalities. This church is not meant to make us each the same person, but it is meant to take each of our different personalities and talents and build the kingdom of God. We are not meant to be cookie cutter LDS people, but unique. We each have our individual struggles. We each have ways we show our faith. But all of those differences can unite us in the gospel. The atonement is there for everyone, no matter what. The key in life is learning to live by the standards and live the gospel of Jesus Christ, but be our own wonderful selves while doing it!
I love each of you! 
Love ,
Sister Young

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