Monday, June 23, 2014

True Beauty

Well...This week was a little tough. Probably our slowest week yet in Rawlins. Which can be really hard. In the summer time, no one likes to stay in Rawlins because it is the one time they can get OUT of Rawlins. Haha. So it is really hard to get people home or even progressing. We did get to teach a lot of less-actives this week though and saw so many of them come to church this week which is awesome. There are so many less-actives that are working towards going to the temple and there is finally a temple prep class that will be starting soon. We also are still working on getting an Addiction Recovery class started. The book that the church has put out with the 12 step program is amazing. So focused on the atonement and change. We are trying to get the members more involved in the work and this week sent a survey around the Relief Society to see what languages others speak, when they are free, if their homes would be open to bring others over, and if they want to come with us on visits. We finally got a new ward mission leader yesterday, which will really be great to help the work move along now. The ward mission leader is key in this work. 
This week we had our Zone Conference in Laramie. We woke up a bit earlier than usual, and took the scenic route to Laramie. Only a few extra miles. It was beautiful!! I think we might have been there before as a family. It is through Saratoga, then past Lake Marie, and then through gorgeous trees. On my goodness! I didn't know Wyoming had so many trees. haha. I love Wyoming. So glad I grew up in this state! Our Zone Conference was very focused on families and eternal marriage. It was kind of an interesting topic for a missionary conference but it was really neat. Seeing how to help others find true happiness through strong family relationships and covenants. It was a really neat conference and so good to be around other missionaries! We are in the middle of nowhere so we don't get to see many other missionaries. haha. My companion, Sister Zvirzdin, gave her departing testimony at the meeting. It's super weird to see people going home and to think about how fast time flies by, but also how slow it is. I have been out for 5 months. I still have a year and a month to go. But seeing my companion prep to go home has made me think, what I want to be like when I get to that point. I have a ways to go and a lot still to accomplish. But it also makes me think of when it is my turn to go home. But I need to not focus on that. It's just hard when that is what your comp is thinking about. But Heavenly Father knew I needed to be with Sister Z, so He knew I could handle whatever would come. We are determined to work as hard as we can and move forward. 
This week we have been running every morning. It makes me feel SOOO good! But on top of that, it is exhausting me. So tired every day. But my body will get used to it. One night, I was so tired that at dinner, with a member, I couldn't keep my eyes open and I was nodding. Then they divided their HUGE pan of cake into 6 giant pieces, and that woke me up!! Sister Z and I looked at each other and tried to pass the huge piece to the other person, but it didn't work. So we couldn't stop laughing. times. 
We met a lady this week, who has the cutest 3 year old son, that acts like a dog when we come over. He even plays fetch! haha. So cute. His mom is a member but hasn't been active for about 20 years. It is interesting to see how easy it is to forget this gospel if we are not living it consistently. We are re-teaching her and in turn teaching her  son so he can decide for himself when the time comes. We also had a chance to do some service for a less-active lady. She is super neat and we have seen her heart soften little by little as we have gone over and just shown her and her family love. We are going to be doing some more service for her this week. 
Another experience I want to share, has to do with how we need to redefine what beauty really is. Every week we go and visit this lady named Edna at the Kindred Assisted Living Home. (Also, side note, we do service there and paint ladies' nails. Yes...I paint people's nails...which I have never done in my life. haha. Let's just say, they don't turn out too well so it's a good thing that some of them can't see them.) Anyway, back to Edna. This week as we were leaving we told her that she is beautiful. Then this 92 year old lady said that she didn't think that she was beautiful. She said that she thought that the celebrities and famous people were beautiful, not her. It was so heartbreaking to see that even when someone is 92 years old they are still struggling with the skewed perception on what beauty really is! Society has really messed up what we define as beauty. We need to change that in our world! Edna is one of the most beautiful people I have met. She is so kind to everyone around her and her light just shines to everyone around. This week she even asked for a Book of Mormon, and had us write in it what she said, so she can give it to someone that she knows at the nursing home. She can barely move, talk, or do much, but she is still sharing the gospel. Let Edna be an example to each of us. We are so capable of sharing what has brought us joy! This gospel and knowing that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father, can bring us true joy and help us see what true beauty is. Each of you are beautiful. 
I love each of you!! Thanks for your prayers and support. You all are amazing! Keep searching for those opportunities and making those opportunities to open your mouth and share the gospel. :) 
Sister Young
Robinson family. Related to the Banks family.

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