Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The End?

October 6, 2014

My conference weekend was great! We watched it at a different house for each session. First we watched it at the Stilwells, Katie, who got baptized in June, then Saturday afternoon we watched it at Sis. Gableson's house with Sis. Skinner too. She made us popcorn :) Then Saturday night we ended up, through some interesting events...watching the Priesthood session with a Less-active family. It was great! Dad- I also loved Pres. Utchdorf's talk and thought about you during that talk for some reason because I thought you would like it. Then Sunday morning we watched it at the Campbell's house, the ones who introduced Bonnie to the church. Then Sunday afternoon we watched at Sister Charlton's house with Adrianne and her baby. It is so different being in so many different places for conference but it's nice to have people that love us and take us in like family here while we are away from our own families. I loved the first session of conference. I loved Elder Robbins talk about "Which way do you face?" Not letting fear of man take over and control more than fear of God. I also loved,  Elder Jorg Klebingat's talk, Spiritual Confidence before God. Super random I know but they were awesome talks! Plus I loved Elder Bednar's talk about how when your testimony of the Atonement increases, your desire to share the gospel will increase as a natural consequence. I just loved then all I guess. Also how Elder Richard G. Scott told us to rearrange our priorities to make scripture study the key thing! It is more important than anything! Also, giving our families our best attention and love, not just our leftover love and attention after everything else. That was neat! Soooo many talks about Prophets too! Which was great. Prophets are key to everything. It is neat to know that we can rely on the prophets and they won't lead us astray. I am in the process of setting goals based off of the messages and promptings I received:) We invited the members to ask questions before conference, and now after we are going to invite them to set goals based off of the messages they received. I know that conference is direct revelation from our Heavenly Father and I am so grateful for the messages I received and the questions that I had answered. 

Some of the highlights of the week have been teaching Zane the lessons. We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also watched the Joseph Smith movie with him and Bonnie, and also Bonnie's husband decided to sit in and watch. Bonnie's husband is slowly starting to have his heart softened. On Saturday Bonnie texted us and let us know that he had watched conference with her all day long to celebrate their anniversary! :) So neat. Back to Zane...He is super excited about everything that he is learning and it is really clicking with him. We asked how he was feeling about baptism and he said he was just feeling really excited about it and wanted to do it. He is so sincere and feels the spirit so strongly. It is just amazing to be able to teach him because he just studies the scriptures, has questions, and is really wanting this gospel to be part of his life. Such a neat experience to be able to teach him. 

Ohhh, so I forgot to mention, we find out about Transfers this upcoming Saturday. I am pretty sure this is it for me but I thought that last week too, so who knows. I am having mixed feelings about it. I am going to feel like I am leaving family when I leave here. This place is home to me. Who would have thought that I would grow to call Rawlins home. But I also feel ready to move on to other things, which is going to be so entirely hard for me. I love these people, I love the sisters that I serve around and live with, I love this town, I love the work here. But we will find out and I will work extra hard this last week of transfers! We are struggling to find new investigators at the moment, but we are really trying to inspire the members to do the finding. That is most effective! I loved in conference how Elder Bednar reminded the missionaries that we are here to help members with THEIR missionary work. It is not our work, but we are helping them with their missionary work, which is ultimately the Lord's work, but we are helping them to do the Lord's work:) 
It is finally starting to get colder here. Like Wyoming cold. Not quite to the negatives yet, but when we go running in the morning at the track, I wear my warm clothes! Gloves, hat, hoodie, sweats. I love the strength that I get from these other sisters I live with. We all have our struggles but really help each other to be as obedient as we can. It is always so much nicer when all of you are working to be the best you can be and you help each other when you fall short. I feel completely like myself this transfer with these sisters and they are some of my greatest friends. So grateful for what I am learning from them, from the people here, and most importantly from the spirit. 

Pray for me to accept and be at peace with whatever transfers brings next week. I love each of you and pray for you!! Oh P.S.- I have been rereading the Book of Mormon again but this time through I am highlighting every time it talks about the Savior, Heavenly Father, The Holy Ghost, and Covenants. It really helps my studies to have a focus like that. I have been able to improve my studies a lot while on my mission and I am grateful for the time I have set aside each morning to do that. I will help it carry over to after my mission. 

I love each of you!!! Thanks for your support and love! Keep Smiling!
Sister Young

We made a scripture chart with the Stilwell girls.

Making Swedish Pancakes as Family Conference Tradition!

Swedish Pancakes on Sunday Morning!

Swedish Pancakes for my wonderful companions!

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