Monday, October 27, 2014

Walmart in Rawlins...Finally:)

Well, The big excitement in Rawlins this week is that we FINALLY got a Walmart!!! They have been waiting to get a Walmart for years and years because their nearest Walmarts are Rock springs, Laramie, or Casper which are all at least an hour and a half away. I have watched this Walmart be built from the ground up. They had just barely started it when I got here. We went to the Grand Opening event so that we could see the members of the community and support those we serve with. It was an exciting event! Lots of free stuff and getting to be the first few in Walmart:) 
Alright, so a few experiences that we had this week. First off, we have been visiting everyone that we possibly can, trying to figure out who is still living here, who is interested, etc. It makes for some long days when you don't have set appointments. That is one thing we are trying to change. Getting set appointments. We actually have a lot of set appointments now for the upcoming week, which makes things so nice. The ward is actually really good at getting involved with the work. We have great leadership in this ward that is VERY focused on missionary work. Our bishop this week even set up 2 dinner appointments for us. One with a nonmember family, and one with a less active lady who was supposedly a Do Not Contact. So that just shows how involved and great the leadership is. Now we just need to use that leadership more. They are all super willing, they just say they need assignments directly. So that just means we need to be more direct in involving the Ward Council. 

We had a dinner this week with the two sweet black ladies we met last week. We went over and Hermana made mexican food for them. It was super great and then we taught them the Restoration. We found out that they have had missionaries in their lives before many years ago. But that night when we taught the restoration, some things clicked that hadn't ever before. Both said they would start reading the Book of Mormon.
Another lesson this week was with a referral that we set up a lesson with. It was a bit tricky for me because they only spoke Spanish, but I understood more than I thought I would and actually understood most of what was going on. It was a little rocky when we first got in there because one of the ladies did not want us there and didn't want Hermana to pray. She got really mad and went into her room, and hermana actually started to cry. That is when I knew it couldn't have been good whatever she had just said. But I couldn't do much to help, because I DON'T speak Spanish! ha. So, then she went on to teach the other two siblings the first part of the Restoration and focused on The Book of Mormon. About halfway through the lesson, I figured something out. They were Jehovah Witness. I didn't know for sure, but I guessed somehow. They were super nice though and even though I didn't speak the language, I said a few things to them in broken Spanish and they said that they felt my love and spirit even though I couldn't speak the language. It just proves that the Spirit is a universal language. But that made me want to work on my Spanish more so I have been practicing more every day. We have another lesson with them later this week and dinner. It is so exhausting not understanding what is going on. You feel a bit left out. But that's ok. 

One thing I didn't mention, I have been out for 9 months officially! Crazy how time flies. I am halfway through my mission. I've learned a lot thus far and have a lot more to learn. I know that I am supposed to be on my mission at this time. Sometimes I don't know why, but I know I received the confirmation that I needed to come on my mission. The Lord has plans for each one of us. Stay strong, make changes you need to to feel the Spirit more in your life. It is SO important.
1 Nephi 21:15. Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee, O house of Israel.
 16 Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.
 The Lord never forgets us.I love each of you! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
Sister Young 
P.S.-Send pictures of your Halloween costumes or other fun stuff. I haven't gotten many pictures lately. I love pictures!!

Grand Opening of Walmart in Rawlins!

Sisters at Old Penn

Decorated at the Old Pen for the Haunted House.  We are being Zombies...

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