Sunday, October 5, 2014

Babies and Baptisms

Monday - September 29, 2014

Dear Everyone!

So much happened this week! Uhhhh, where to begin.
This week we began to teach a new investigator. His name is Zane and he is Bonnie, our investigator who just got baptized, her nephew. He is super prepared for the gospel as well. We had exchanges but I got to be part of teaching him the first lesson. It is so neat to see how this gospel answers all of the questions of our souls. I never realized that so many people ask questions all through life and don't know where to find the answers. I am so blessed to have the resources to have my questions answered. The lesson with Zane was really neat and he gave a lot of input and just talked about how much he agreed and felt what we taught to be true. We described the holy ghost to him and how the Holy Ghost feels, and then I felt prompted to ask if he had felt any of those feelings during the lesson. He said that he for sure had felt those feelings a lot while we had been teaching. He then went to Bonnie's baptism and to church the next day. We taught him again last night, the Plan of Salvation. He said he had a lot of his questions answered while we taught him. But the neat thing was, the Holy Ghost answered his questions. He asked a question to us, and then he started talking and answered his own question, based on what we had just taught him. He said that before that lesson, when he had read the pamphlet, he wanted to know if it was true, and he knew he had received answers before when he prayed because he had felt the Holy ghost that we had helped him recognize, so he knew he would receive and answer, and he did! I hope that sentance made sense. I am in a hurry. haha. 

Another neat experience, this week we had Ward Council, and it is amazing to see how the Ward Council is all coming together to retain these new converts. I was so impressed to see the progress of our ward council. We asked to make sure all of our 3 new converts had Home and Visiting Teachers, and the leaders were already on top of it and making other plans too! The ward has really stepped up and it is amazing to have it not just be us doing the work. The members are very involved and they just take good care of us. I just love them! We have the new member lessons started for all of the recent converts and the members are so great with teaching those lessons and being true friends to these people. 

Talked to Adrianne this week, to follow-up after her baptism and she said that she just feels an amazing strength and power that comes from her covenants. She is truly recognizing the gift of the Holy Ghost in her life. It is so true! Our covenants give us power! Satan has many nasty tricks, but the Lord's power can overcome ALL! Adrianne's baby was blessed this weekend at church and her husband worked up the courage to come to church to see it happen!! It was a miracle! 
Talking about babies, guess what!!? Sister Clyde had her baby this weekend!! That was super exciting:) That baby is so blessed to be going to their home. I can't believe how excited I was all week, waiting for their baby to come:) They are truly like family to me, like many of the wonderful people her. The Greens the other day, said they just wanted too adopt me! But they knew my family might not be too happy with that;)
This Saturday, Bonnie got baptized!!! It was amazing. She had to be dunked 3 times! haha. But it worked out. She kept saying, "I knew it would take more than one time to get all of my sins off of me;)." She is so great. She even worked up the courage to bear her testimony after her baptism. She is truly a powerhouse and has an amazing light about her. I am so grateful to have met her and to have been able to teach her. She is already an amazing missionary and sharing the gospel like crazy to everyone around her. It was an amazing day to be a part of. 

Another neat thing that happened this week, out of the blue, we went to Laramie on Thursday for our Zone Meeting and then after we took a lunch break, President and Sister Brown came and brought us the movie, "Meet the Mormons." It was the best! We watched it on a big projector and they brought us popcorn and everything! It comes out on October 10th but they want all the missionaries to be able to see it before, since we can't got to theaters to see it. It was such a neat movie and really shows to the world what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is all about. Invite your friends to go see it! Here is a trailer for it:

Well, I better get going! I love you all!! Hope all is well with each of you. The Gospel is true! The Atonement is real! Use it.


Watching "Meet the Mormons" movie with Zone

Bonnie's Baptism
Zane, Bonnie's nephew that we are teaching now

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