Sunday, November 23, 2014

Things are Looking Up

Monday - Nov. 17, 2014

Hello Everyone!

This week we had some amazing things happen. First off, there is a Part Member family who the husband is really nice but really likes his alcohol. So most times we go over there, he is not in the best state of mind and the house feel really chaotic. But the other night we went to their house and walked it and it was completely different! It was nice and clean, the spirit was there, the husband was sober, the family was happy, there wasn't any contention the whole night, it was just a really good feeling. We taught them the Restoration, and while he has trouble agreeing with living prophets, when we talked about the Priesthood, he told us how they had had some amazing experiences with the priesthood and that he believed in it. We then told him that he had the chance to be able to hold that priesthood power and bless his family. The spirit was really strong as we talked about the priesthood and his countenance changed. He said he wanted that priesthood. It will still be a process but we hope and pray in time that he will be able to stop his addictions and be able to be baptized and have their family sealed in the temple and hold that priesthood.

This week we also were able to have dinner with a member, who invited their 17 year old friend over to meet us and take the lessons. We taught her about the Restoration and the spirit was strong as we talked about the Atonement of our Savior and how He has felt everything she has felt. She is really interested in learning more and I know it will help her. She has had some hard things happen in life so far and it will bring her the peace that she is searching for. 

One thing that Hermana and I realized this week is that we have been focusing a lot on some of the people that previous missionaries have been and things were not working out. So this week we really strove to know what the Lord wanted us to do and who the Lord wanted us to see. We were able to meet a couple members who haven't seen missionaries in years and who let us in for us to share a message with them. We are really trying to let go of what WE think we should do and focus on what the Lord wants us to do. 

All the work we have been doing this week has been in negative degree weather. That always makes things a lot harder but we feel the Lord's approval as we do our best while shivering all the while. I thought I was done with Wyoming winters when I moved to St. George, but...that didn't work out. We were able to go to Martin's Cove again today. I have never been there in the middle of winter and it was quite a different experience. It really put things into perspective for me. We didn't have time to hike to the cove, but the missionaries drove us in their little rovers to the mouth of the cove after we went through the museum. The spirit was really strong there today as we were able to empathize for just a little bit with those pioneers. I was freezing in the harsh Wyoming wind even after a few minutes, and I can't understand how they had the will power to keep going. Going to Martin's Cove as a missionary always motivates me to keep trying and doing my very best as a missionary, following the wonderful examples of the pioneers. 
We find out this week about transfers. I'm not holding my breath anymore. I don't know if I will ever leave Rawlins, so I've just claimed it as home. haha. I'll let you know next week what happens. 
We had a mission tour this week and Elder Baxter of the Quorum of the 70 came to speak to us. It was probably the best missionary meeting that I have had my entire mission. He was so loving and the spirit was there so strongly for the whole day. We had to drive to Cheyenne and I was really worried about it because my companion is from California and doesn't drive much in snow and the night before we left there was a huge blizzard. But we just prayed a whole bunch and miraculously the roads were pretty clear and we made it safely and then President gave me permission to be the driver in snow. So I got to drive home, and that night after we got home there was another huge storm. so the Lord is looking out for us for sure. 
Elder Baxter talked a lot about how the Lord uses us to do His work, even in our imperfections and with our inadequacies. He told us that we are better than we think we are and that our Heavenly Father loves us so much. He also answered a ton of my questions that I have been pondering my whole mission. He talked a lot about how Satan's tactics nowadays don't come with a lot of temptations for the faithful, they come in the form of depression, discouragement, self-doubt, and poor self-worth. He talked about ways to combat these difficult struggles. He said to always remember that WE ARE BETTER THAN WE THINK WE ARE. He also said to make sure we focus on our strengths and our successes more than we focus on our weaknesses and our failures. It was just a wonderful meeting and it was great to see a lot of other missionaries.
I love you all!! Thanks for your support and encouragement through it all. Remember how much your Heavenly Father loves you and how much you are worth in His eyes.
Sister Young
Mission tour with Elder Baxter

Blurry Snow Picture! Filling up gas in negative weather...

Martin's Cove

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