Monday, February 9, 2015

Children of God

Ok, well the trust that we are gaining from the ward members is truly the real miracle this transfer. It is so great to see that trust develop and manifest in so many ways. We have had many wonderful experiences this week with trust from ward members and teaching active members who are struggling. That is truly the focus that we have been feeling lately in this area. Which is so different from other areas that I have served in. But there have been so many experiences with members opening up to us and sharing some very personal struggles that they are having. We have also had members who have given us names of friends that they have never given missionaries before and asked us to pray for them. We also had a great meeting with the bishop this week as well and really got on the same page even more. 

This week I gave my first training at District meeting. I was so grateful for the opportunity. I felt truly guided in my preparation. I taught the fundamental of teaching people, not lessons. I started off by doing a visualization, a bit out of the norm for a district meeting:) But we are called to use our talents and our creativity. haha. So I had all of the missionaries close their eyes and chose one of their investigators, less-actives, or someone that they were working with. I took them through this person's life, starting with the pre-mortal life and their relationship with Heavenly Father. I walked them through each of the stages of their life and then had their person find the gospel and had them imagine their life with the gospel. Then I took them to the final stages of death and when they would meet Heavenly Father again. I focused the whole time on the love that Heavenly Father has for His children. It was really powerful and the spirit truly was teaching the missionaries as they went through that visualization. We then talked about 3 ways to more effectively teach to Children of God. 1.) Listening with Love, 2.) Asking Questions, 3.) Letting your Mouths Be Filled (following the spirit). Then for the role play at the end, I put each of the missionaries with another missionary. I told them to just be themselves, instead of an investigator. Then I had them teach the missionary to their needs, one of the principles of the Doctrine of Christ. It was really powerful and there were just some neat experiences that everyone had. It helped them not only to remember that we are teaching children of God but that we ARE children of God too. :) The spirit was so strong by the end of district meeting, which is good because we have been lacking that spirit in some of our meetings. I was so grateful for the spirit being the true teach but that I got the chance to be the mouthpiece. 

We have been teaching a 10 yr.old girl, named K. Her mom is a member but her dad is not. Her dad doesn't think that 8 is old enough to be baptized and so he wants her to wait until she is ready and then asks to be baptized. We have been teaching her almost the whole time I have been here. They just love us coming over and we have just been teaching her like any other investigator we just hadn't invited her to be baptized yet because we knew her family rule. But we talked to her mom on Sunday and she said it would be fine if we invited her to be baptized. So this week we invited K to be baptized and she said yes:) She is talking to her parents about it this week and setting a date to work towards. Her mom was so happy. We know that eventually her dad will also want to learn more. We have dinner with their whole family in a week and we are excited for that night:) She truly understands that in order to make it back to live with Heavenly Father, we need to be baptized by that priesthood authority. 

Life is good. Struggles are real. But so is the Atonement. :) There are joys and miracles every day! Heavenly Father loves us. We are His children. We each have our own personal journeys towards him. I love Him. 
Have a wonderful week! I love you all!!!
Sister Young

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