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Monday - Feb. 2, 2015

So, guess what?! We just received news this week that our mission is expanding! Guess where it is expanding to? We are now going to include both the Casper,Wyoming Stake, and the Riverton, Wyoming stake, starting in April! I was sooo excited when I found out. More opportunities for me to go serve in Wyoming:) We will be getting some of the missionaries from the Rapid City mission. I am just praying to get to finish my mission in Wyoming. I know that I need to accept the Lord's will but...I can still pray:)
This week I wanted to give you all an update on all of my wonderful Rawlins people. I know it was a tender mercy of the Lord, I was able to hear from, or about 3 of my investigators/Recent Converts in Rawlins this week. 
B - is doing sooo well. She is sharing the gospel like crazy and was able to get permission to do baptisms for her Grandparents and some other family members. At work she even has copies of the Book of Mormon and pass a long cards at her desk to give to people. So great!!
A - is still super strong. Has a calling in the Young Women's. She is still keeping the temple as a goal. Also, her husband has really clicked with the Elders that are there and they had dinner with them the other night!! So great.
S - Wrote me a super long and wonderful letter. She is still investigating the church. She is reading 2 chapters every day from the Book of Mormon, and has gone to church every Sunday since I left. She is still loving learning and misses us a lot. 
 I am just so grateful to see these wonderful people staying strong in the gospel and continuing on. That is where the true joy comes into play being a missionary. I find so much joy seeing these wonderful individuals becoming stronger and happier as they come closer to our Heavenly Father. The gospel is so true and it changes lives. 
Sometimes it may be slow, but they Lord is still continually in control. He will guide His work and as we are working hard, being obedient, and following the spirit, we will do what He wants done. Have a wonderful week! KEep Pressing forward! I love you all!
Sister Young

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