Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow is Falling

Monday - February 23, 2015

What a good week it was! So many good things happened here in Fort Collins. It was for sure a turn around from last week. We have really been focusing on seeing the miracles each day and accepting what the Lord wants to have happen here at this time while doing the best that we can.
This week I will share a few highlights. So, first off, we were able to have 2 councils for members who have given us referrals. What neat experiences those were! The spirit truly guided our plans for each of these people in helping them to accept the gospel. The members got so excited about missionary work too. One even at the end said, "Missionary work isn't hard, it's easy!" Haha. Super great to see the members so excited. The members have been so great as of late. We truly have gained the trust of the ward and the leaders of each of the auxiliaries. And what a HUGE difference that makes. Goodness. When we show them love and concern and that we are here to help, they are so much more willing to help. So, it's taken some time but it is happening:). 

Another miracle that happened this week, K, the 10 year old we are teaching, she was really nervous to ask her dad if she could get baptized, so we role played it with her. Acted it out with her to help her feel more comfortable. Then the next night we saw them at the church building and her mom said, "She asked her dad and he said yes!!" She was so excited! She has been waiting for her daughter to be baptized for so long and K is so excited!! So that was a miracle for sure. Then we had dinner with their family on Friday and her dad sat in all through dinner and even stayed for the lesson that we shared after. It was amazing. They are such a great family and I truly just love them. They are a large reason why I am here right now, I am sure. 

So, to illustrate the town of Fort Collins more, I will tell you about a game that Sister Jensen and I have been playing. We are playing, find all the license plates from all over the United States while we drive around. Guess what, we have literally almost seen a license plate from every state! We are only missing like 3 or 4 and we are determined. That means that there are people in this town from literally all over the United States. 

We have gotten a ton of snow here over the past couple days. We even got told by president to "park your cars". So those days are always a little tricky. But members stepped up and offered to drive us to appointments. We have been so blessed by the service of members this week. I truly do love the Terry Lake Ward.

Also, Sister Jensen and I got to sing this week in Zone Meeting. It was great! We sang, "Where Can I Turn for Peace." We were so grateful that our Zone Leaders asked us to do that. We also got to go and speak to the Young Women at mutual this week because their whole activity was all about missionary work. It was so great:) Love the youth!

Well, I best be wrapping this up but it has been a wonderful week. I am grateful for the little miracles that we have been able to see all week and to be content in doing the Lord's work. I know that this work is true and important. Keep pressing forward family!! I love each of you soooo much! Keep smiling!
Sister Young

Sister Jensen & I on our snowy day walking

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