Monday, March 16, 2015

As Zion's Youth in Latter-Days

Well, I'll have to be fast! This week K got baptized! It was such a great baptism. She is so sweet. The spirit was there strongly and her dad could feel it as well. We showed a short clip on the Restoration and he watched intently the whole time. Later on, Sis. M said that he had told her that he thought we were really good sister missionaries. We have become part of their cute family as we have taught them and it was not by chance that we were a part of their life at this time. I love them so much! 
We also have been teaching an 11 year old girl, C. She is so sweet. Her brother just got baptized a few weeks ago and they both are just choice spirits of Heavenly Father. As we taught the Plan of Salvation this week, she just had so many good questions. She wants to be baptized and she will probably be baptized in the next month! I feel so blessed to be able to meet these choice children of God. 
The promise is real. The field is white and all ready to harvest. But the harvest sometimes takes a while and takes patience and sorting the wheat from the tares. We have done that a lot lately. Just been using the spirit to help us know who is not quite ready at this time so we can focus our time on the most effective work of the Lord. We also had a neat experience the other night when we went to a Part Member Family's home. As we got to know them and shared a lesson with them, the spirit was just so strong that there was a very specific reason we were there. Now, their daughter, age 14 is going to start learning more about the gospel and we pray that in time, her dad will too. He sat in on the lesson and their family was just so great. I felt a strong connection to them. 
Good things are happening in this area. Less-actives are coming back, moving forward, we are finding those who are prepared and ready. The members are getting involved in the work. Just so many good things happening. I know that the Lord in control of this work.  Sister Jensen and I have gotten to sing a lot lately. We sang at Zone Conference, we sang at Zone Meeting, we sang at the baptism, and we just love it! The spirit truly speaks through music in a way that no words could. I am so grateful to be a missionary. Sorry for the randomness of this email this week! 
I love you all so much! Thanks again for your support and love. Keep pressing forward!
Sister Young

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