Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Peace of the Temple

Tuesday - March 3, 2015

Hello All!
Sorry that I didn't email yesterday. I had the privilege of going to the Denver temple this morning since I am past my year mark on my mission.It was amazing! 
It was hard to leave the temple today. I didn't want to come back out to the world where Satan has influence over so many of Heavenly Father's children. It all hit me after the temple too. It was such a contrast. I went to the temple with Sister Hay and Sister Budge. I love those two sisters so much. They had a member from their ward drive us there. From the minute we walked into the temple, the peace was just overwhelming. I literally let go of all of the stress that I carry with me every day. I didn't fully understand how much I am carrying until it was all lifted from my shoulders and I felt complete and utter peace. There is no better feeling. I know that this temple trip will give me the strength to continue strong until the end of my mission. The peace is sooo real!

Some crazy, but good things happened this week. So, first one, there was a young boy named J, that was baptized into our ward. Some other Elders had been teaching him but had received instruction that he needed to be in our ward. Ha. So we found out on Wednesday that his baptism was going to be on Saturday, and they handed over the program to us to arrange.  We ended up putting it together in those few days before the baptism. It felt like the night before the opening night when everything is crazy but then when it comes to performance, it miraculously comes together. It ended up being really great and the spirit was there. J seems like a great kid. We already have his new member lessons set up and we invited a ton of ward members to the baptism, last minute, and they all came! So great! 

K is still on for her baptism, it is on March 14th. She is so excited and it has been a miracle to see her family change and the spirit in her home just increase. Her mom is now reading the Book of Mormon with her kids every night, she is so excited about the scriptures, and family home evening, and she has really just come alive. She has totally changed and has more confidence in being able to teach her children the principles of the gospel. When we first met her, she was afraid that she didn't know what she was teaching her kids, but she really has gained confidence in that and it such a good mom to her kids. The spirit is so wonderful in their home now and it just brings us such great joy to see the changes in their wonderful family. I just love them.

We had a great trainers meeting this week with President and Sister Brown. It made Sister Jensen and I realize that we are doing ok. We really are. I had confirmed to me that I am training Sister Jensen the way that the Lord wants me to, and miracles are happening. I could just feel President's approval and trust and with that, I have just really felt Heavenly Father's love and approval this week too. Which is a nice feeling. I still have many ways that I need to improve, but I am doing what I need to right now. 

This week up ahead is very promising! We have 3 new Potential investigators and tonight we are starting to teach an 11 year old girl the lessons. She wants to get baptized! We got a call yesterday from a member telling us that he granddaughter wants to get baptized and that she will only be here for this upcoming week! So we will be teaching her probably every night to help prepare her for baptism.

 Miracles are happening, and I am learning more that the Lord calls you to areas for certain reasons, but they are usually not the reasons we think or want. I am finally seeing the reasons I am here. Building Ward trust, that has been a pattern on my mission. The M family. Other missionaries might have overlooked their family because she is only a 10 year old girl, but I love working with part member families. The changes in their family are leading them to the temple, to be an eternal family some day. The less-actives we are working with. There are just so many good reasons why we are here. Just not the reasons I would have originally thought. I'm sure the reasons will continue to appear. But for now, I just strive to do the Lord's work in His way, not my way. 

Well, my brain hurts. haha. So I better be done for now. But I love you all sooooo much!!!! Stay strong and remember that the peace that comes from the gospel far outweighs any temporary pleasure. This is lasting peace and joy! I know that! 
Sister Young

Here is a picture of K, who is getting baptized in a couple weeks and her sister:) They are so cute!! 
Also, a picture of the temple today:)

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