Monday, May 4, 2015

White and Scarlet

It's been hard so see a ton of miracles here, but I was reminded the other day that I do know that the Lord will provide and show us, in His timing, who is ready. In every area I have been in, He has always lead me to them or them to us in one way or another. But it always has taken a bit of time. I know that the Lord will provide. We have been visiting Part Member Families , and former investigators all week. We have a few set up for this week that should be good. Also, we knocked on a door the other day of a part member family, and the wife answered the door, who is not a member. She was super nice to us and told us when we could come back. They have 4 kids and the dad is the only one who is not a member. They could be really promising. 
Another miracle that happened this week is that we met with N, our 9 year old investigator, at our Ward Mission Leader's house. He has a daughter who is N age and they are such a good fellowshipping family. It was wonderful to be in their home with the spirit and be able to have N feel that. She has a really hard home life and she feels so clearly the lack of the spirit in her home. In her own words she said, "I feel like my room is white and then the rest of the house is scarlet. And it's hard because I can't take that white with me. I want the rest of my home to be white too." She is such and in tune girl and so smart for her age. She wants so strongly for her home to be a refuge, a place away from the scarlet sins of the world. But she doesn't get that. She talked about how much she loved coming to church and being in member's homes because it feels white like her room does. I felt so heartbroken as she was speaking, to realize that she does not get the peace in her home like I was so blessed to have. We explained to her more about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how she can have that whiteness with her always when she has the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is getting so close to setting a date to be baptized. I just love her a lot.
I love you all sooo much!!!
Sister Young

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