Monday, April 27, 2015

The Time Is Far Spent


This week P was able to get baptized! It was such a special baptism. Him and his wife were so happy. They both practically glowed. He was baptized, and then confirmed yesterday and then he received the priesthood on Sunday as well. His whole countenance just changed! It was amazing to see. They are so excited to get to go to the temple and be seal and have a cute family. It is just amazing to see the changes that happen to individuals and families as they center their lives on Jesus Christ.  I have such a strong testimony about how the gospel can bless families. I am so grateful for my wonderful family how they are consistent with family prayer, scripture study, and family home evening. Even when the weeks are crazy busy, they make time for those things that matter most, and it makes all the difference. It is because of that consistency that I am where I am and who I am today. I will carry the tradition on with my future family because I know how important it is. I've seen the contrast on my mission between doing those things and not, and the difference it makes is amazing. 

This week we also got to go to a Leadership Meeting in Laramie with Elder Martino of the Quorum of the Seventy. It was such an amazing meeting and I realized how far I have to go to become the kind of missionary that I would like to be. I am grateful that I still have 3 months to be able to improve and get better every day. One thing that was mentioned is that we can not be complacent. We can not be satisfied with who we are right now, we want to always be striving to become better. If we remain complacent then that is when we will decrease and not increase. I have set some goals because of that meeting and I will continually be striving to improve until the day I go home, and then until the day that I die. Because guess what?! When your mission ends, that is NOT the end! It is the time to take what I have learned into my life back home and put it to the real test. I am excited to be able to do that. The meeting that day motivated me to keep trying, keep improving, doing the best I can with what I have, and then do even better! haha. 

This ward that I am a part of is an amazing ward. They are so on top of everything. For the baptism, literally all we had to do was show up. It was all taken care of. We have great leaders in this ward and they are so great to work with. This area has so much potential and I know that great things will continue to happen. We are focusing a ton on finding this week. We are struggling in that area. But we have some goals to help us stretch. Things are getting better every week. Thanks for all of your prayers and love. I love each of you sooo much!
I found a wonderful Hymn I wanted to share with you all this week:) It's not super common but I read the words for the first time yesterday and it hit me. Hymn #266-As I'm nearing the end of my mission I felt it very fitting. But it also can apply to the last days and how we have little time remaining to do the Lord's work.

1. The time is far spent; there is little remaining
To publish glad tidings by sea and by land.
Then hasten, ye heralds; go forward proclaiming:
Repent, for the kingdom of heaven's at hand,
Repent, for the kingdom of heaven's at hand.

2. Shrink not from your duty, however unpleasant,
But follow the Savior, your pattern and friend.
Our little afflictions, tho painful at present,
Ere long, with the righteous, in glory will end,
Ere long, with the righteous, in glory will end.

3. What, tho, if the favor of Ahman possessing,
This world's bitter hate you are called to endure?
The angels are waiting to crown you with blessings!
Go forward, be faithful, the promise is sure.
Go forward, be faithful, the promise is sure.

4. Be fixed in your purpose, for Satan will try you;
The weight of your calling he perfectly knows.
Your path may be thorny, but Jesus is nigh you;
His arm is sufficient, tho demons oppose.
His arm is sufficient, tho demons oppose.

Sister Young

Pictures-P Baptism
Happy Earth Day! 
Leadership Meeting

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